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If I would have told you


If I would have told you, the reason why  I hug you so tight is because it might be the last time, would you have been worried?

If I would have told you, you smell lovely, would you have snuggled closer?

If I would have told you, I miss you so much it hurts, would you have been more around?

If I would have told you, I love the melody of your voice, would you have talked more?

If I would have told you, you are the most beautiful person, would you have believed it?

If I would have told you, I loved you, would you have waited?

So many words unspoken.

So many questions left.

If only I would have told you…



What if your partner cheats on you???

A few days ago, I have seen my doctor because I had/have some… hmmmm…. let’s say “ladies issues” in the south under department. So I was tested for stds and also asked if I was married or slept with anyone else but my husband.

Of course not! This begs the question, what if my husband was unfaithful? What if he had a weak and/or drunken moment and it just happened? Though I can’t imagine him doing such a cruel thing. But many women think or thought like that until it hit them.

What would you do? What if you are happy in your relationship and you think everything is running smooth and all of a sudden your doc phones to tell, you caught a nasty disease which you can only get via intercourse?

I think the effect of gasping would set in,

air, I can’t get enough air...

followed by anger…

where is my baseball bat???

If I was still single and I wouldn’t have children with my husband, I would pack my bags immediately. Probably I would want to know why, but I couldn’t forgive. To betray me like that. I wouldn’t even argue, I would just leave and I wouldn’t want him back. Ever!

BUT the thing is, I am married. I am a catholic married women. AND I believe in my religion. To say I pack my bags and leave would be me betraying my religion, plus my older children would loose another father and my little children a family life on top.

I couldn’t bare that.

Knowing I have to spend the rest of my life with someone who cheated on me, is not appealing at all. But once you did the commitment and signed the paper, you have to stay and make the best of the worse.

Could I ever forgive? I believe that takes quite some time. But I know I couldn’t forget it.

Would I cheat as well? What goes around comes around was never for me nor will it ever be.

I rather go with:

“One day fate will bite you in the arse!”

Do I worry about whether or not I get a bad phone call from my doc? No, I do not.

But still, religion aside. What would you do, when children are involved? Would you split up, throw a (long) good relationship away? Or would you do it like “in the old times”, repair and pull through it?