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ASDA Perth Customer Support

Two days ago I have been to ASDA in Perth with my husband. While I was scanning the fruit isle, one of my ear piercings became loose and exited my ear with a big happy bounce.

I, however was not so happy. I have seen it like in slow motion. Me, squeaking, trying to stop it with the words “oh no, my piercing, my piercing…” but of course without success. If a piercing goes flying, you have to thank your lucky stars if you catch it on time!

So during this scenario stood an ASDA employee, looking at me briefly, said nothing and continued packing his fruit.

If I would see someone in a situation that requires help, I offer it! Whether I work there or not. And it wasn’t that he didn’t hear or seen it, we have been on our knees with our mobile torch on, trying to find that piercing under the fruit shelve!

It is really sad that nowadays so little people offer help but instead just think about themselves!

No wonder this world is as it is, it lacks of compassion and empathy!

My piercing is gone but one has to see the glass half full: At least I got this yummy vegan cheese which you can only get at ASDA.