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Do I have to invite the whole class???

My four year old daughter Cailleach got invited to a birthday party again. The 3rd one so far and every time I drop her off, the parties are in indoor playgrounds, pubs or other public rooms to rent.

Every time I get there it seems as if the whole school class is invited and I wonder:

Do parents have to invite the entire class out of politeness or do the birthday children really want them all to join?

Is this a British thing to invite everyone? Or did that just change over the years?

When Dean and Dana where young, in Germany you only got to invite the “real” friends, the buddies, not the whole class. Only who was good enough for their precious child got a very important invitation. Also parties where normally held at home, only if you could effort it, parties where held elsewhere than the own 4 walls!

Unfortunately my poor children back then got next to no invitations in the first kindergarten (and school) they went to because of their wildly tattooed mommy (sorry for that, *hem*). So when we moved house and also kindergarten, I made sure to cover myself the first few month until people got to know me. What a surprise, they even got invited! But like I said, never the whole bunch.

Or did I miss something?

Here parties are never longer than two hours, which I can now understand given the fact there are 10 – 20 screaming children, also it must be quite expansive! Do they safe up for those events? I would have to save non-stop for my four.

So tell me, how do you do it? Do you rob a bank? Threaten your partner to throw the best and biggest party ever for your little ones? Spill the beans- I am curious!