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Ghosts In The Morning

That’s what you look like at around 5 in the morning

Like ghosts… wild hair, not fully dressed and still half asleep- off at 5:30am for a morning run with darling-ex!

Forward 1 1/2 hours later, I am sitting here, freshly showered, exfoliated, creamed and polished, perfumed and ready for work, “Footloose” soundtrack on full blast on the radio!

Good morning and have a great weekend everyone!


Easing Back Into Running

In recent weeks I did next to no running due to loosing two very important people in my life. One who decided to not have contact with me anymore, which hit me pretty hard. The other one, the decision to separate from my husband for good. Again, not a nice feeling at all.

But this morning I decided I can’t just be hanging around, waiting for life to get better.

And the best solution (for me) is to go running.

So this is what I did:

Prepping my heels with plaster to break in my new Inov8 XTalon.


Aren’t they pretty?!?

When I say “I ease myself into running”, it means, I choose to run the Bracklin Falls circular route in reverse which is a nice 13km run, starting from my cottage.

The cycle track is pretty much right behind my humble abode. So off I run, passing the back of Keltie Bridge caravan park and up the trails which eventually joins the path to the waterfall. But instead of turning down to the waterfall, I run towards the car park and up the road towards Bralaeny Farm…. I like to run it in reverse because once you hit the highest point it’s all downhill and the faster the better and having my new Inov8’s which have amazing grip, I am really fast!

Today’s weather however, was a whole different story! When I got up at 5:45am, it was still dry and I thought “jackpot”. But then I was diddle daddling around and when I was about to leave almost 40 minutes later it was already pouring down. But hey, I didn’t want to waste my plaster, which, by the way, came loose during the run anyway, and I was already in my running gear. So, “Stormshell” on, hood up and off I went…

Halfway during the run, I had to pull the hood down as it always irritates me, that my hearing is compromised and because I was already extremely warm, I didn’t mind the wind and rain whipping me around the head.

What I did mind though, was the fact that even though I was running downhill (still on the road) it didn’t feel like it as the wind tried to blow me back. When this happens I get angry and push even harder!

Also before I even saw them, I heard them: COWS near the road on the field. Cows are very big individuals, I however am a petite person. They might eat me for breakfast. But fortunately all I got where bored curious looks and they kept on their side.

It wasn’t a cozy run, I can tell you:

But despite the fact I haven’t been out and about, my level of fitness was still satisfying enough and so I still made it in 1 hour 15 minutes. I think I speed walked twice where I normally wouldn’t due to uneven breathing and therefor pain under my clavicle. But that is okay, the first run after a while always feels a bit tougher!

And last:

Me, freshly showered, hiding behind a mop of wild hair, no make and uncensored!


Dreams Are Ten A Penny

Dreams are ten a penny….

If that was really true, humankind would be total chaos. At least that’s what I think.

I like to dream! All the time!

I daydream on my way to work, I daydream queuing somewhere and I daydream when I hear a great song. I dream just before I fall asleep and often I remember what I dreamt while actual being asleep.

It is a way of taking my mind off the daily struggle and trouble.

To hold onto your dreams is like holding on to hope, because you want that dream to eventually come true!

You just have to believe in it. And that is the key point! If you don’t believe in your dreams, you don’t ‘t believe in yourself and in your ability to make whatever you desire come true!

So let’s keep on dreaming as without dreams and the hope that comes with it, the world would be a very sad place…

I wrote this while listening to the great Aretha Franklin


Do you miss your old life???

Sometimes I ask myself “do you miss your old life?” And every time I do so, there is this scene in my head from the movie

“The Witches Of Eastwick”. In this scene Jack Nicholson asked Cher a lot of questions, tells her that she always does the same things day in day out

and she knows he is right and she is hurt and wants to cry and feel better all at the same time. I don’t know why,  but really every single time I have this scene in front of my inner eye.

I do the same things every day. I get up, get the children ready, do the household,  shop for food, walk to school, exercise, cook, go out site with the children and at weekends go somewhere with the family…

Sometimes when my little ones are around me, talking nonstop, disturbing me with something, it is like the time stands still and I go back to old times when I didn’t have children or when I had only my two older ones who where quite independent back then… and SIGH.

I think about the times, when I just phoned up friends… going out all  night long for some drinks. Dancing all night in clubs. Going shopping just for myself, going to the sauna after a winter run and also (yes, I admit it) I loved the thrill, when you met a new man. The butterflies in the belly, the first kiss, the first sex. Sex with windows and curtains wide open as loud I wanted because there was no need to be discreet and quick in case children would bounce into the bedroom…

I think about the times when I traveled with a friend to London for shopping and clubbing, think about the time when I traveled to Ireland for a blind date.

When I think about those times  I am often in the house, getting rid of the mess my family left for me and gritting my teeth telling myself, I shouldn’t be doing that!!!

Do I want the old times back? Do I really miss it that bad?

No, I do not. When I feel gloomy or angry, the endless lonely nights are totally forgotten, somewhere hidden deep inside me.

Who wants to be alone forever just for fun times? I don’t!

Fortunately I love my children and husband, I couldn’t wish for a better family though they often drive me mental, especially my teenage daughter who starts her attitude early in the morning or the little ones who constantly want something or my son with his gobshite comments. Yes they can be a handful and at the end of the day my head is throbbing. But that is nothing compared to lonesomeness.

And than there are a lot of moments where you look at your family, your children, your husband and you think how blessed you are! Those moments are priceless…

If I want some “me-time”, I can still go for a run saturday mornings. If I want to go out, either I start to make friends where I currently live (I really should do that) or fly to see my friends and if I want  my butterflies to fly around in my belly I just pretend my husband is Colin Firth (just kidding, hehe)!

Thing is, if you want your old life back, make it happen and include your family as there is no going back in time! 

But really, there is a whole life ahead of me, it can only get better, so I grab it! Who knows what tomorrow brings? It could be a million £££ win from the lottery, it could be the desired running tights all of a sudden on sale or it could be a nice tender kiss of my hubby to remind me where my place is- what more could I possibly need? Nothing if you ask me!

Enjoy your life today, don’t live in the past!!!