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My eggs are laughing at me!

I am in the prime of life. And every month I get reminded by my eggs. With my eggs I mean my ovaries who produce those precious eggs.

Only that I can’t use said eggs anymore! I am a bit of a hippy auntie. When it comes to contraception, I keep it natural.

I don’t want to go into detail, but I know exactly when I am ovulating.

Usually when (back then) still in baby planning, I used to shout my husband home to create wonderful, cute little babies the very second I knew there is an egg on its way!

Thing is, I am not allowed any more babies due to a weak c-section scar (it would split open again before I am due). It is a life threatening condition so husband, frightened as he was, got the snip shortly after Cash was born (despite the fact I wasn’t fine with it!!!).

So month after month, I get the feeling, that my eggs are making fun of me.

It is a bit like

“Hahaha… here I am… on the way in your uterus…you could, but you ca a a aaaan’t, ha ha ha haa haa…”

I mean, where is the point? If you are done… if you have all your desired children… if you are not allowed more children… or even if you don’t want children…. why still having your period, why still ovulating??? Why still getting reminded of what could, but never will be???

I am sorry, mother nature, but we women clearly got the shit end of the stick!

Ts… Rant over… I guess… till next month.