Tag: IWantToSeeIntoYourHead


Like many of us, I love the rather new series “Killing Eve”! And (like Eve) I wonder:

How does the mind of an assassin work? What does it take to kill someone? How do you become an assassin?

Do you have to have a twisted mind, a bad childhood, lots of rage boiling inside of you in order to be a contract killer? Do they have multiple personalities?

Do assassins think about their job as just a job like every other? Is it financial motivation or just the joy to kill? Or is it the joy of planning, being focused and strategic?

Do they want to know things about their target or do they just follow instructions and orders without any emotions whatsoever?

And when they executed the mission, do they think about it afterwards? I wonder if an assassin regrets and feels remorse or if they really truly just see it as a job done?

And if an assassin has family- how do they conceal what he/she is doing? Does the family know?

Guess I will never know as I don’t know any assassins or at least I don’t think I do!

As for me, I don’t think I would be able to do it. I probably would make it private and would want to know things about my target. Considering if it is worth the kill, the money and whether my target deserves to die. Than again, who am I to decide whether someone lives or not?

Though on the other hand I would like to believe that I would see it as “just a job” and that I would be able to differentiate or shut down my personal feelings since I am a pragmatic person…

But we will never know all the real answers to my questions and musings…