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Studio Gallerie XIII Edinburgh

I did it! Yesterday I finally got my neck tattooed!

A week ago I went to Edinburgh to  Studio Gallerie XIII Edinburgh and booked an appointment. The staff was very welcoming, we had a nice chat, I handed in my designs, paid my deposit and yesterday I returned to get tattooed by Alan.

And I must say, I had a really and painless (YES though it was right on my throat) good time.

Alan did such a fantastic job, that I already booked my next appointment! Everyone who past us during the session, complemented him on how good his work looks and when I finally got to take a look in the mirror, I was more than happy! He was kind and funny, explained everything, asked my opinion on styles, made sure I was comfortable, all in all easy peasy through out! I can highly recommend the shop! Not only because of Alan, but also because there are other very good tattooists who also happen to be extremely friendly-

What more does one need?!

I am so glad to have found the right tattoo shop after the disaster in Glasgow!

To many more tattoos to come!