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Facebook & Co.

I met my good friend Joana approximately 7 years ago. . . She is such a lovely person. She is smart, she looks good and is just fun to be around! But what really surprised me back then was the fact that she doesn’t have a Facebook account or a  social platform in general!

That really baffled me!

Now, 7 years later she still doesn’t believe in it and do you know what? I get her point!

It all started with the deleting of my “mommycommunity” account a couple of month ago.  I felt too attached and also realized that I spend too much time on the computer and because I didn’t make “real” friends anyway, I thought to myself, “it is not that anyone will miss me” and clicked “delete”.

I didn’t regret it and even felt relieved.

I also have a Facebook account but since I am blogging here I came to the conclusion that Facebook is kind of shallow.

All you see are cute pictures and short messages about they’re life which is fine, but where is the depth in it? What does it really say about the person itself?

Most people I know personally and if they really want to stay in contact, they could still reach me via email or mobile…

Unfortunately the  sad thing is, nowadays it is all about networking, all about social websites.

If you want to promote something, to sell something, to find something or someone, to work, fundraising…. the list goes on and on… social websites are always playing a big part of it.

Call me old fashioned, but do we have  to promote everything over those online sites or/and even worse check it every few minutes on the mobile, almost getting a heart attack because the devise doesn’t load quick enough?

So now I am thinking about deleting my Facebook account, despite the all so called recommendations (promoting my blog, fund raising and so on). Of course I post pictures every know and then and short message as well, but to be honest, mostly I do use it because I am a nosy person- most of us women are, admit it!!!

WordPress on the other hand is different, at least I like to believe so. Why is that?

Because most blogs are like diaries. You are involved somehow in peoples lives though you don’t know them. It is a bit of voyeurism, if you ask me. And who does not like that? It is like reading a book, only that it never ends! You can learn from others, you can archive things you make up your mind over and over again, change your views and maybe outgrow yourself…

So here is my question for you:

Do we really need social websites to stay in contact with others? Do we need it to survive our daily routines???