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When People Around You Are Sensitive…

… what do you do?

There were various occasions where people would act very sensitive to things I said. Friends and family of mine were upset and offended by me and I wonder:

If you can’t speak your mind, doesn’t it deprive you of who you are? As for me, I don’t like to walk on eggshells only because others can’t handle my opinion or the way I talk!

Here are some examples:

  • Once or twice I commented on my sisters facebook pictures. I commented on a very ugly granny blouse. And I wasn’t even nasty about it! I said something along the lines “that’s a nice hippy granny look”. The other thing I can’t even remember but what I can remember is that my mother had a go at me for my comments! My dear sister (I love you- in case you read this) didn’t even have the guts to tell me herself! Sometimes I think it might be better to not tell her my piece of mind just to not upset her… On rare occasions I manage to wrap it in candy cotton and start with “I believe…” “how would you feel…” “if I was in your shoes…” which works just fine with her. But the key words here are “rare” and “occasions”…
  • I was with one of my dear friends. We had a conversation. I don’t know what it was about. It was a long time ago. However she said that I am so direct and straight forward it upsets her sometimes. Now, I did appreciate her telling me as I believe it is not easy to confront me as I can be very harsh. Eventually she grew a thick skin!
  • When I was for a walk with my friend who lives in the street opposite, we talked what has happened in the past few weeks and she asked how a certain person is doing (I can’t expose this friend in detail as I don’t know if I am aloud to talk about the topic). I said that he has casual sex dates since he split up from his partner and that he really enjoys the ‘no strings attached thing’. She got very quiet and slightly changed the topic. Maybe I shouldn’t mention something like that to an extremely  christian person. My bad. But that shows me what to avoid with her. And though she is a very nice, beautiful and kind person, I am glad that I have my also very nice, beautiful, kind but bad ass ‘lets go for a hellbender’ friends overseas!

The thing is, I just can’t help myself! I speak my mind before my brain can react. Thanks to the Gods that my few but true friends are mostly like minded and love me for me!