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Conscious Uncoupling And Dating

My darling ex and me doing this thing many laughed about back then when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their separation:

Conscious uncoupling. Yep. We talked about what went wrong, we still do. Especially when darling ex feels very down. We talk about it without accusations. Just facts what went wrong and that it wasn’t his fault, maybe not even mine. Our expectations have just changed or even more important, we just didn’t know each good enough to see what we are really like when we met. After all, we got married after 4 month. How good do you know someone after such short time?

We still live under one roof. We want this ship to sail as smooth as possible without hurting each other and more important without hurting the children. We will tell them soon. But first we want them to see, that though we are separated, parents can still like each other and do things together us a family! We want them to see that it is not the end when a couple decides to end things.

So far so good.

But we also want to date! Not that we are already looking. But what do we say to someone who might be interested in us???

“Yes, I am separated, but we still live together under one roof as we decided to be best friends and continue to be a good example for our children…”

No one will believe, that there is nothing going between us! If a guy would tell me something like this, I certainly wouldn’t believe it! My sister recently met one of those twats! After dating for a couple of weeks, it turned out, that he is still with his wife and just wanted a secret girlfriend. He told her that he and his wife are separated, live under one roof in different rooms… only in the end he admitted what was really going on! He even had the guts to say, that maybe one day, he might actually leave his wife for her! Of course my sister has shown him the door!

I also had an encounter with a friend who did not believe that I am separated! Why would I lie about it?!

So yeah, I guess this is going to be a tricky situation.

I wonder, should we wait with dating until I have moved out?

Should we put our cards on the table right away, explaining the situation and offer, he/she can contact me/darling ex? Wouldn’t that be a bit awkward???

Never been in such a situation. Guess time will tell.