Teenagers- I wish they where sweet little angels again!!!

I must admit, I was a horrible teenager. But then again, I probably was like all teenagers. I wanted to find out, how far I can go- like my older daughter. There is not one day, she doesn´t make me mental! It starts early in the morning. I have to tell her 3 million times to get ready and to wash. . . And when she did, I have to inspect her teeth just to send her back upstairs to brush them again and also to tell her to brush her hair.

Or when I ask her to tidy up her bedroom. Oh what for a big sigh do I get. I tell her to hurry up, because it is unfair that her brother has to put up with their other two little siblings while she is taking her time. She likes to do that- a lot! I shout for her and all I get is……………………………………………………………………………………. nothing! So I shout for her 3 more times until her majesty finally opens the bedroom door and says sweetly “yes, mommy? did you call me?”. Does she think I am stupid? Of course she heard me the first time!

Often she likes to act like Mother Theresa only that it feels like Elmira from the Loony Tunes. She bosses her little sister (she is 3) and her little brother (he is 1) around. And because they have their own mind it often ends in tears and shouts. When we go outside for example, she acts like she was their mother. But she doesn´t give her commands in a nice way, nooooo, she is loud and impatient and every few minutes I hear her unnerving loud voice shouting out to them until I have to remind her that I am their mother and someday (rather later than sooner) she will have children of her own to command but until then I want her to finally keep her mouth shut. Oh how nice would it be, if she would shut up straight away after my speech- yeah, that was a good one. Of course I have to repeat myself (did I mention I hate to repeat myself?!) two more times.

But the worse thing is, she sneaks food in her bedroom. Food like little treats for my little mouse after school. And just this morning I found 10 (10!) little fruit gummy packages in her room. Oh she made me so so angry because that wasn´t the first time she did that. I was so disappointed in her that she actually steals their siblings treats. I mean come on, it is not that she doesn´t get sweets. I must admit I lost it a bit this morning and shouted at her.

But it doesn´t matter how I do it, I do it wrong. Do I speak with angelic tounges to her, it doesn´t do much and if I shout at her either. SIGH. Guess you just have to be brave during the whole teenager time. Specially me. I was a wild child as well, so I know exactly how she must feel and that is why I try not to shout or to forbid her much, but still. When she looks at me and doesn´t move a single bone though I asked her to do something, oh boy… Mental, one day I go mental!!! I always tell myself “patience, have patience” but how much patience can a parent have?!?

My son on the other hand is not affected. He is a god boy, sure he is cheeky every now and then, but that is it. He wants to please us, he is just like my sister who always tries to please others (and our parents).

Back then, when I still raised my two older ones alone, I often wished them to be older and more independent as it was so exhausting with two toddlers alone. OH IF I WOULD HAVE KNOWN.

Dear parents with only toddlers let me give you advice, don´t wish for them to grow quick. Toddler years are nothing compared to teenager years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What would I give for them to be cute little toddlers again. Before you know it they are all grown up. I look at my little ones and my heart is bleeding, because they are growing so fast.

But we will make it through the teenage years, sure I will get grey hairs because of it, but hey I said yes to my children, I planned and wanted them and will love them until I take my last breath!



If you could time travel, what would you give yourself for advise? Would you travel back in time? Would you say something to your younger self or would you just watch? Would you want to change your past or would you do everything exactly the same?

If I could travel back in time to meet myself, it would be just the day before I met my ex and father of two of my children. I would tell her (me), that if she goes to work tomorrow a good-looking young man will come in the tattoo shop to get a piercing done. I would warn her not to get blended by his looks and his bright smile as he is a mummy´s darling. That this man is constantly broke and that your friends will not even like him.

And if she still doesn´t believe me, I will also tell her, that she will have two children with him to whom he is very impatient and that they cry a lot around him. And when she says, that when she is not going on a date with him, she will not have those wonderful children, I will return that there are a specific number of souls, souls of little babies meant for every woman on this earth and that this two wonderful children will come, just a bit later with the right man.

I would continue, telling her after 2 years he will make her cry every day and that she will ask herself, what she is doing wrong, that she looks very unhappy, from the inside as well as from the outside. And after 3 years he will cheat and will split up from her, that he doesn´t even pay child support for a couple of years and even then, that she has to beg for every single penny and also that he is not interested much in the little ones, never calls, emails and only sees them 3, maybe 4 times a year! Also will he threaten her, to take the children away via court only because she doesn´t have much time as she has to work so much to get food on the table and clothes on their bodies!!!

And when she finally agrees to stay away from this man, she might ask me about the future. The only thing I would tell her is that as per usual we took the rocky way, that we had ups and downs but that we are finally and truly happy.

I would hug my younger self good-bye and leave.

I did a lot of stupid things in my life (who doesn´t?!), I made wrong decisions, but I don´t regret anything!!! Nothing!

Except getting involved with my ex.

But we all learn from our mistakes and what doesn´t kill us makes us stronger.


How to keep the spark alive???

When you fall in love, you see everything through pink glasses (at least I do, my brain only works partially)!

You want to see each other as often as possible, you can barely keep the hands off each other and have loads of hot steamy sex and you are 100% certain, that this state will last forever, even when you are old and move in snail pace. You get told, once you get married and time goes by it won´t be like that anymore. Sex will be a rarity. You laugh them in the face, saying “yeah, whatever…”

Than reality hits you and you must admit, they where right! Why did it change? When did it change? What happened to all the nice sex sessions? The snogging and making out in dark corners, the oh so tender stroke down-under in the pictures where no one can see (oi! just to check if everything is still in place of course). The sleepy from behind (no one likes morning breath, not even when you are fresh in love) morning sex.

Don´t get me wrong, I do have sex with my hubby. And I still find him hot. Even more now that he shred over 20 kg and got more tattoos (the more the better). Sometimes we have sex twice a week but it also happens, that we don´t have sex for a whole month. Yes, I know it could be worse: Only to special occasions.

When we have sex it is often in passing. Why? Because we have 4 children which are never in bed before 9 o´clock and I don´t like the mental image of us having sex, while they are downstairs watching tv. I would be too frightened someone opens the door. And when we finally have sex, it is a quickie in the bathroom or downstairs in the livingroom, because our youngest still sleeps in our bed and no, no, noooooooooo… I can´t do it, when our son sleeps next to us. NO!

Sometimes though we get the opportunity, but then I am just too tired. That is no excuse. I get up at 6:30 and am busy with children, preparing food, workout (5 – 6 days to stay sane), walking to school, going for walkies, to the playground and also I have to keep the house clean and once my youngest is in school as well, I honestly hope, to find a job. So who can blame me, that I am too tired?

Question is: How do I keep the spark alive? I know it mustn´t be sex in particular, a nice couple day out would be lovely as well. Which could end in…. you know what (GRIN).

Maybe I should move our little one out of our bed and in his own one, helloooo long-lost morning sex!!! I mean, men are simple. They are happy when they get regular sex! And women? Well I would be happy with a handbag (for my defence, I only own one!) or with the french bulldog I wanted for so long, but hubby keeps saying no, laugh.

What about roleplay? Well I don´t think that would be something for us and it is not, that our sex life is boring, when we have sex, it is great, though he needs to improve his “how-to-spank-wifey-properly-skills” but that is another story.

Guess the answer is as easy as this: Make time for each other somehow!


Meet my husband

I was a single mom of two for a couple of years. Socializing due to my busy job by the airport was quite difficult. When others went out, I slept. When I finished work around lunchtime, others worked. So what did I do? I browsed a bit around in “Interpals Penpals” and have seen a man from Ireland. I thought, “well… what do I have to lose? A little nice chat will not hurt”, so I have sent him a message and he replied a few hours later in the evening. The conversations we had where really nice and he didn´t even flirt with me, which for a penpal site is not so common. So of course he raised my interest, also maybe because he didn´t look like the type I usually would date! But because I wanted to be open-minded and because I am not a person who judges a book by its cover and he had a cute smile, I kept on chatting. So at some point when I was on leave (by then we exchanged emails for a few weeks) I suggested to meet. He invited me to Ireland so I went for a “blind date”, hopped in a plane and there I was: Dublin Airport. He was 20 minutes late and first I thought he stood me up but then I saw him. Short, a little belly, bald and somehow he reminded me of one of the smirfes from snow-white with his bat ears, hehehehe. But okay. We got along straight away and in the evening in a pub after a few pints he kissed me. And it was such a sweet kiss… a bit hesitant at first as if he would kiss for the first time and didn´t really know what to do… a hint of tongue every know and then. It got steamy at the end in his bed.. noooo not what you think… we didn´t go the whole way.

After a long weekend, he drove me back to the airport…he was all happy and so was I. He said that he doesn´t want to let me go and I replied, that I can come back if he wants me to and he said, he will book a flight and will visit me and so he did. Well, at least he booked his flight. But something changed. He sent me an email, which I read early in the morning just before I went to work saying “that I should phone him, that he has to talk to me”… so I phoned him straight away. A big mistake! He said, that he thinks “he isn´t really into it…he doesn´t have money to provide a good life anyway…he will not come…” I was so baffled. Later after my shift (I shed some tears IN FRONT OF EVERYONE for the first time ever) I phoned him again, explaining (incase he got the wrong impression), that all I wanted was to see if it works out between us. So he changed his mind and said, that he will visit me only to change his mind again the next day, all of a sudden to blame me, that I was to clingie and would set him under pressure, he will not come and don´t want to be with me.

OH MY… I was so down… for weeks…I was never down when a relationship ended. You must understand, I´ve got a huge ego. Plus normally it was me, who dumped boyfriends. And the fact that I got dumped by a jobless man who, according to ALL my good close girlfriends, should only go out in the middle of the night in a snowstorm didn´t make it easier. My self-esteem was like zero. Non existing.

I was so fed up with men. I wanted nothing to do with them. I really wanted to be single, though I am a terrible single. So I decided to sell all my belongings and applied for jobs in Ireland and Scotland.

One day, when I finally got my shit back together, I logged into interpals again. I just wanted to chat a bit, because I felt alone and bored. And that was, when I met my husband. His profile picture was so cute, but because I figured out, that he was armee, I thought “no, I know what they are like”. So I clicked his profile away. And back on, around 10 times until finally I send him an email to which he replied. I was so suspicious at first, as he almost instantly started to flirt, but I liked that. After a few emails he suggested to visit me (we lived in the same country back then). I felt a bit uneasy but agreed. So 5 days later I picked him up from the train station.

It was love at first sight, on a friday the 13th and exactly 4 month later in winter we got married in Edinburgh!!! And guess what?! He is a very hot bald tattooed irish hunk!

Everybody thought, we are mental. But we are so alike, it was the best thing I ever did. Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart and switch your brain off. In my case, that happens very often, sometimes it leads me in the right direction, well and sometimes it goes completely wrong. But that is life and I love my life and my husband very much. The question now is: How to keep the spark alive? More in my next blog…


How everything began

Let me tell you my story, a story about a girl who was always a bit different. Not in a bad way I like to think.

I grew up with an older brother and a younger sister. While my siblings where very open, I was shy and stubborn and wanted to do things my way- always! My mother was quite strict. When others where still a loud to play out site, I was already in and about to go to bed. I can´t even recall being on playgrounds with my parents. Guess they just not the type. I wasn´t even in kindergarten, went straight to preschool. I always make fun of it and say, no wonder I have difficulties to socialize, ha ha.

No seriously, you could put me in a room full of people and I just can´t bring myself to open my mouth and speak to them! It is different when I get spoken to, then I can be quite bubbly. I often wonder why that is? Is it, because I fear rejection? I don´t know. Or maybe the fear people might not like me? Hm… that is a good one. Actually I don´t really care, what people think about me as I like the way I am and if people don´t see my good heart, than they are not worth to be part of my life!

When I was younger I did a lot of stupid mistakes, like surrounding me with the wrong kind of “friends”. Friends who I found out later talked behind my back.

Or a big one was, that after my job trainee I just quit and worked for some tattoo shops instead to keep a well paid steady job.

But the biggest, biggest mistake was the following:

I was ready for children. Until I was 18 and never ever thought, I will have children, because I didn´t even wanted to hold a baby or even play with my younger sister (last one  probably was, because I was jealous as she was everybody´s darling). However. My back then best friend got pregnant and when I was in hospital to visit her, I held this little bundle of joy and I finally felt it. I wanted a baby. So one day when I was at work in a tattoo shop, I met a good looking boy. And when you just met everything is great, you only see pink and you think you are in love, specially when you are young. So him and me decided we want to try for a baby. Funny thing was, I must have gotten some when in between the first few times we had hot steamy sex! He was a bit shocked and then happy. My first son was born… and after a couple of month I wanted a little sister for him which came come true, but my partner wasn´t happy at all, but excepted it. And than our relationship went down the pipes. We argued a lot! Everything I did was wrong according to him! Of course there are always two sides of a story and I have to admit, I could have done more to keep the spark alive but I guess, I felt it wasn´t love and because I am a selfish person (yes, a big weakness of mine), I didn´t want to put anymore effort in!

One day, he said that he wants to split up from me. The first two days I was devastated. Early in my 20s, with a 3 and 1 1/2 years old toddlers, no job but do you know what? After the third day I felt so relieved that it was over! Months later when we argued about something (he moved out) he blurted out, that I don´t even try to win him back where I replied “why would I? I am glad it is over!”. After the split up I even found out, that he cheated on me and later he even got together with that girl… The reason why I really really regret ever meeting this man however is not the constant arguing, or that he was impatient with the children, not even that he cheated on me, not even that I had to beg for every single bit of child support, NO! The reasons are, that he always put massive stones in my way! Instead of seeing, what for a great job I did, by bringing up the children on my own, teach them to cycle, bind bows, how to swim (ha pat myself on the should), he threatened me to phone the police, because I was working, I would neglect my wonderful babies! He even tried to play the children against me, by saying if they want to, they can live with him… he did a lot of things but it would be too much to replay that in my mind. Just let me tell you this; I cried a lot! But I didn´t want my children to think bad of him, so I always hid my tears and never said a bad word about him as I want my children to make up their own mind. But do you know what? Constant rows about how to bring up children are so so exhausting…

We make mistakes in life, but in the end, you just grow stronger. You learn. And even become a better person!

Do I want my ex to die? Of course not! But sometimes I wish a bus would hit him. And maybe reverse and hit him again he would be fine after a while (big grin on my face)… what I do the same mistake again just to get those wonderful children? YES I WOULD, maybe just with my husband (it would have saved me a lot of tears and nervous breakdowns)

If I find time, I tell you my crazy story of how I found my husband, though I was totally fed up with men and for the first time in my life I wanted to be single (for the rest of my life)!

Franky (more…)

??? What is going on???

Well… I don´t really know how to begin… maybe one reason it, because one of my 4 children is around me and tries to press every single button on the laptop OR it is the fact that I am new to all this blogger things but I thought I give it a go, so here I am!

No one knows about it; not even my husband, think I want something just for myself. Because let´s face it, once you have children, you always share. Then you think, at some point your children will move out. Well, yes, they will. But soon after (hopefully not so soon), the grandchildren will follow and as a good grandparent of course you love your grandchildren and therefore you share things again.

Guess, I am drifting away…

In my blogs I want to share my days with you (at least if some readers are interested in my stories), tell you about my children, my husband, about friendship and life itself.

But for now, that´s it.

Oh sorry if some phrases seem a bit odd, english is not my mother tongue