UK Lock Down

Most people are whinging since they are on lock down. Yes, we all understand why we are to stay indoors, to prevent COVID-19 to spread and save our people!

I personally enjoy being at home! For quite some time I felt tired and wondered why I didn’t win the lottery, yet? Why do I have to keep on working? Why can’t I just move north? Why this? Why that? Why? Why? Why?

Well the answer is, since I haven’t won the lottery I just have to keep on working to keep my children alive and fed and pay the bills!

But now since I am at home, I can finally relax and breath. I keep on getting up at 5:45am every day. Okay, technically I turn off my Lumie light, jump up to close the windows in my bedroom and sneak back to bed for a bit longer. But I am still awake! I am contemplating whether to go for a run or  do weights- the weights have won today as I am determined to look like Schwarzenegger by summer time, ha ha ha….

I started to work out twice per day. Mornings are for runs or weights, afternoons is for yoga while watching Netflix. I do this since I do not move around as much as I would on a regular day.

Netflix! I get to binge watch everything that I haven’t seen yet. I couldn’t do that when I am out for work. Or even after work since I prefer to go to bed early instead of watching tv.

I also get to read my books I ordered a while ago and I re-filled my kindle as well. Finished one book already and started two more.

And I also tried to connect with more people on LinkedIn which I usually ignore.

My kitchen is tidy now, everything thrown out that was out of date, rearranged things and now trying to keep it as tidy as it can be when you are a household of 7!

We, as in the children and me, have been in the garden, digging out bushes I wanted to get rid of since we bought the house. Wildflower seeds are right in front of me, waiting to get in the soil.

My daughter repainted one of our walls as it was a bit scratched from our wooden shoe box.

Next I could tidy up the attic!

I get to listen to great blues, jazz and a bit of 80s all day long as loud as I want! There is nothing better in the world than music. Music is as important as running to me!

The children are either playing outside in the garden, in their room or in my living room on the playstation. At least I think it is one. I have no idea, I am not a game console girl! I got banned from my own room, currently sitting in my kitchen. Poor me!

There is always something to do and if I should really run out of ideas, well there’s always my good old friend Mr. Whiskey.

Stay save everyone!


Straight Men In Women’s Clothes

I have a confession to make:

I must say, I find it really sexy to see (straight) men in women’s clothes!!!

Every now and again the show “Lip Sync Battle” pops up on my Facebook and of course you would see men perform songs of females, often dressed in accordance.

Most recently I have seen Tom Holland singing Rihanna and couldn’t stop grinning! And John Krasinski singing “Proud Mary”? Sexy as hell. And that despite the fact that both are not even my type! Sorry, Tom and John, I know you won’t mind! Tay Diggs performing Madonna? Oh, oh, oh….

Whenever I see such performances I just can’t help it! I am whooping and can’t manage to get that goofy grin of my face!

I think it is the fact that they don’t take themselves too serious and that they even seem to have fun, doing what they are doing.

The other day I have seen a 50 something gentleman in Tescos, rocking high heels and black leather mini, no make up. He looked good and the best thing: Nobody even batted an eyelash!

I wonder does that make me a geek? Because I like everything that is not conventional? Because I love extremes?

Who knows? Who cares?


Corona And The Stupidity Of Hoarding

The corona virus is very present- here in UK, Ireland, everywhere really. Even in two little towns further down from us have been cases.

I was in Edinburgh the other day to get another tattoo and I have seen people with face masks walking about. I have seen and was served by Boots employees in gloves. Big and small businesses alike publish statements how they are coping with the virus going around. And that is all good! It is our responsibility to educate  and protect ourselves and others from this disease.

But what is so not okay are the empty shelves in supermarkets!

What is wrong with you people? Do you think that in case you contract this virus and can’t go shopping that you will starve to death because you have to be locked up at home?

Ever thought about that you could phone up family and friends to drop off food and all other things you think you might need in front of your door???

Oh you don’t have family and friends? There is also such thing as delivery service!!!

What? There is no delivery service in your area? Well I don’t really believe this, but okay if this is really the case: You have been tested positive! At a med centre or hospital! Therefor they have told you what to do and surely (if they haven’t offered already) you could contact them to voice your problem and believe me, they won’t say “no” for arranging someone to bring food to your oh so starving backside!!!

You  who plunder the shelves, you are  selfish peace of poop!!!

Ever thought of people who really need food? Like baby milk?

I for one, wanted to get some KoKo coconut milk for me and my family. Nothing left in the long lasting milk shelve except for almond milk which has only 2% of actual almond milk. Who wants to drink that??? It is vile! My daughter does not die from cow’s milk, but she would get really bad eczema flare ups and scratch 24/7! And me who is lactose intolerant and a pescetarier would sh*t my guts out with lots of pain, sweats, dizziness….and and and….

I was just glad to find some fresh KoKo milk in the fresh shelves. More expansive, again thanks to the hysteric buyers, but at least I got some.

Let’s hope this is all over soon and that not many more will be effected, suffer or even die!


Putting My Kitty To Sleep…

…. was a really hard thing to do.

It was yesterday morning. Her health did not improve, quite the opposite. She had kidney problems for quite some time. They were so enlarged, she couldn’t even jump anymore. Around 4 days ago she started to just fall to the side when she walked. I hoped it would be temporary but the next day she couldn’t move her back legs at all and just pulled herself forward which was heartbreaking to watch.

So the next morning I made THE decision. I got her inside, she crawled straight onto my lap and buried her head in me, trembling, saying in her way

“Mama I am not okay…”

I went to the vet. My litte daughter wanted to come and cuddle her one last time. She knew what we are going to do. The vet explained everything, I signed the papers, they gave her the injection.

Kitty didn’t try to get off the table. Even at her last moments she wouldn’t try to scratch us! She rested her head in my head, took some more breaths and was gone.

We all here at home cried. We are still crying.

We had 11 great years with her!



So often we hear of influencer. People talk about them on the radio, tv shows, they are mentioned and even suggested in magazines.

And every time I wonder. Why do these people exist?

Do we really need others to suggest lifestyles? What to wear, what to eat, what to think?

Have we forgotten how to use our own brains? Do influencers really want copy cats?

We don’t need to look at other people to decide what for a person we wanna be.

You want to wear bogey green shorts with a peachy fluffy blouse and combat boots? Go for it!

You want to do things your own way and don’t want to budge from your opinion? I am all for it!

You want to get piss drunk for no good reason? I am coming right over!

Don’t let other people define you!

Don’t let them tell you how to live your life! The reins are yours alone, you lead the way!

Just be the best person you want to be! That is all that matters!


My Cat The Piss-Head

My siamese cat Belle is driving me mental!

Whenever she is in heat, she starts to pee.

So when we start recognising the typical signs, we keep our bedroom doors shut, as she loves to pee on our beds during this period. Don’t ask me why! She doesn’t pee anywhere but the litter tray when she is not in heat.

I don’t know how much longer I can do this:

A week ago she peed right inside my fire place! MY FIREPLACE!!! A day later she didn’t even bother to bent down, she just peed while standing with her furry ass pressed on my fire place!

I mean, really?! What the heck??? I really, really scrubbed the whole lot (okay, my son did) and even lit a fire to get rid of the stench, but Miss High And Mighty still detected something that made her do it again.

For weeks we try to get her pregnant and I don’t know if it is her or our boy. I do understand, this can’t go on forever. I will go mental and it is also not good for kitties health not to mention the amounts of time I have to scrub and wash everything…

Poor thing! Poor Me!!!