A job to make the world a better place

I recently found new employment near wear I live. It is a beautiful location right by one of Scotlands stunning lochs. The job itself is very nice and relaxed and I love the people I work with. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to prove that I am the right candidate for this job and I am happy to learn new things every day. It was is what I was looking for-

A job near me (only 4 miles) which does not suck the life out of me and where I might get the opportunity to work outdoors every now and then. The payment is okay as well, though would not be enough if I would live on my own never mind with my children.

Now comes the big BUT:

Why is it so difficult to find a job which has some meaning, which would make the world a different even a better place?

Like working on a small island to get the economy going, to attract more tourism and more people willing to live on said place…

I would love to do something like that! Creating a better place through lots of hard work and smart decisions. Built things, create things, help to open schools and kindergarten where there are non…

So why, I ask you, can’t I settle with what I got? Why is there the constant need to learn new things?

Is there such thing as the perfect job? A job where you can’t wait to get up in the morning and give your 110%?

And why, oh why did nobody find me to give me a job like that at?!?


Why do we cry???

We often hear

“…..let it all out…. just cry…..you feel better after it….”

We cry because we are sad, because we are angry, because we are disappointed and probably because of lots of other things, but does it really make you feel better? Does it change the view or the reason you cried?

We cry because basically we are hurt!

I recently attended a friends funeral. When I heard the sad news I thought I kept it good together. There was a small tear….

I was fine driving down to Wales. I was fine checking into my hotel and have a stroll around the little town and the beach. I slept okay.

I was fine while standing with many others in front of the doors to the little chapel and I also kept it together during mess but when my late friends widow hugged me I really, really had to swallow my tears back and when I was on my way to my car I felt them roll down my cheeks.

So why is that? Is it because I don’t get to talk to him or see him again? Is it because of missed opportunities?

Why do we cry when we argue or when a boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you or your partner divorces you?

Is it because we know we will not share our future together? Is it because we know we want have anymore nice moments together? Is it because the future is unclear now?

Looking at it from a distance we should know these things happen, people die, people can turn on you, people don’t want to be with you, it’s just how the world is and yet we are still hurt by actions.

I personally think, “letting it all out” does not make me feel better, if anything it makes me feel worse, tired and yes even tired of life and how life treats me! Not to mention my eyes! After a good  long cry I look like a boxer after a 12 round fight, really no kidding.

It would be nice if there was a button to switch certain emotions on and off, don’t you agree?


Letting go of resentment

The one and only Russell Brand recently talked about resentment on his blog.

Now many think Russell Brand is not an adequate role model for such things, but you know it got me thinking for quite some time and I came to the conclusion he is right.

Resentment eats you up. It is not healthy.

And thinking about his words and about the things or actions others did that I resented, I realised I have to let go in order to live a happier life!

You could say the following is a bit of an open letter.

So here it goes. The things that bothered me the most, things I resented, things which just made me feel bad:

Christian, I forgive you for not being able to be my best friend anymore! I do understand your reasons and though I still miss our friendship I am able to let go now.

Dares, I forgive you for making me feel unimportant in your life which eventually ended our friendship. I believe now that you did the best you could, but my standards have been probably too high to reach and I am sorry it ended like it did. But I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!

For my brother whom I haven’t spoken in 15 long years: I forgive you for letting me down in several occasions! I should have just taken you the way you are! I also forgive you for hurting my feelings all those years ago when it came to the final blow. I, we, should have been more civilised and talk about it. I still love you and ever will and wherever you are, I hope you are doing good and that you are truly happy!

To my parents: I forgive you for not being able to make me feel loved! I know you might not have know better but I believe you did the best you could. After all, sometimes it is hard to love your teenager as I should know best as they can drive you mental and I was by far no angel.

Those things have eaten me up and it feels good to finally be able to let go. It is like weight is lifted of my shoulders and I can breath much better.



Road Rage

I am a very patient person (my husband would laugh now, but I believe I am!)

But when it comes to driving…. well it is not that I would beeb my horn or show others the stinky finger but I wonder what other drivers possesses to do certain things:

For one:

Do not buy a fast car if you don’t know how to work it. Where is the point in owning a fast car when you drive 30mph on a 60 road??? Is it annoy others? I don’t care how nice and shiny your car is from behind, you know?


Why do you break every, yes EVERY SINGLE TIME before a corner??? Just step off the gas on time or don’t drive so fast!


There is no need to drive 20mph in snowy conditions on straight bits! I know this is Scotland and often there is no grid to be seen, but heck, 20mph?! Really? On flat and straight bits? What do you do behind the wheel? Biting it? If you are too scared to drive in snow stay at home!


When you are on the motorway, don’t drive on the middle or far right lane when the first  (second) is totally free! What is going on in your head? Do you think you drive a tank and therefor the first lane is too narrow for your itsy-bitsy car? Ts….

The above are really annoying things.

Just. Don’t. Do. It! Thanks


I really want to quit my job…

…because I am constantly exhausted. No maybe not exhausted, but tired.

Yes, I am constantly tired!

I have been off this week as I still had some holidays left and still I go to bed at 9 o’clock the latest.

I just received the new rota for next week and when I checked how many guests there are for breakfast, I am already dreading the day I have to be back there at 6am!

Usually I have to get up at 4:30am, leave the house around 5:15am, drive 30 minutes to the place I work, finish at noon, drive back, have to really press my ass cheeks together to get some exercise in, leave again at 2:30pm to pick up babies from school.

In-between I try to squeeze all household chores in and at 6 in the evening I wish someone would have mercy and shoot me.

By 7am I am in bed.

I usually tell my children not to use the word as it is a very strong word, but I start to hate my job.

I hate getting up that early.

I hate driving 30 minutes in the early morning. I know 30 minutes is nothing but when you are tired, 30 minutes can be very long!

My and my families happiness should come first, not a job which does nothing but exhaust you, is badly paid and people don’t appreciate you!

I applied for several jobs here nearby, even seasonal jobs, without success.

I heard people who started at the same time as me say:

“I stick it out for 6 month and than apply for other jobs as this right now will look very good in my CV!!!”

If that is the case, why don’t I get hired? Do employers think I am too qualified? If so, I should decide whether I am too qualified or not!

I would love an outdoors job somewhere nearby. I even applied for a job at a fish farm, but no one seems to want me.

I wish I could just quit, but unfortunately I need the money.


Guess I have to keep on looking and not give up hope.


Siamese and breeding

After we bought our house I finally got to get two siamese kittens.

One at the end of December and one past Saturday.

Called “Blue” (boy) and “Belle” (girl) and yes it can sound like bluebell which is intended.

They are the cutest things ever. When we got Belle she was so curious and so affectionate, she followed you around and explored everything.

When we got  Blue he was and still is so scared. Only comes out when you pull him out from under the sofa or when no one but me is around.

Now the thing is:

I got Belle when she was only 8 weeks old and if I would have known that before I went to get her with my very excited daughter, I would have said “no”.

Belle tends to wee on my or my older son’s bed if no one pays attention! Oh or on the lamb fur carpet under my husbands desk, even when he sits there. She does however uses both litter trays. So for now we have to keep our bedroom doors shut to prevent accidents.

When I picked up Blue, who is nearly 12 weeks old, he was living with his siblings and mum and dad in a conservatory (heated) with all their equipment.

Though the private breeder said, the daughter sometimes plays with them, there seemed no real interaction with human family members/day to day chores and noises in the house.

And both kittens where also fed really cheap kitten food, or adult cat food.

So let me ask you:

Would you eat, lets say, a chicken which only contains 4% chicken and the rest is unhealthy crap? No, didn’t think so!

Both kittens where wormed and vaccinated, no pedigree papers. They where still expansive though.

When I breed my cats, they will be around my very noisy children, in our kitchen in a big warm cozy special box for all of them as long they are not able to use a litter tray.

They will be wormed, vaccinated and chipped and will not leave before they are AT LEAST 12 weeks old.

One breeder even told me, they trim their cats claws….. and that they thought it is a common thing to give them away when they are 8 weeks, eat solids and use the litter tray.

No! There is more to it, like social behaviour which they learn from their mother….


Right. As to my two additions:

One is scared, the other one fumes at the little one and likes to wee on beds.

I will be on my way to Pets at Home to get Feliway and hope they will get used to each other paired with lots of cuddles.


Confession of a driver

I have had my driving licence for around 22 years now and I only have once (!!!) tried to put air into my tyres-

until recently.

Yep, that is right, I only tried it once. Back then we did not have those fancy electronic machines who actually did it all for you. No, back then I got more air out than in and so I never tried it again.

I always made my father, husband or whoever was around do it for me.

But past Saturday I had to do it myself as my front tyres where almost flat, the garage’s air & cleaner was not working and I was actually on my way to Lanark to buy a siamese kitten.

So out I went to the next village/garage. Parked, read instructions, unplugged everything, coins in, pressure to 30, air on and voila, the air actually went and stayed in.

No big deal as it turns out.