Worst Tattoo Experience Ever!

For 21 years I am getting tattooed. Sometimes more frequent, sometimes less. And yes, there is still empty skin left!

Today I went to a tattoo shop and actually left without new ink! Outrage, I know, I KNOW!!!

Usually I don’t name and shame. However I do not name, but oh will I shame!!! So here it goes:

It begins with trying to book a tattoo appointment. I tried the online form they offer. No response. I tried it twice, because you know, maybe there was an error. Still nothing. I tried to contact them directly via email. One response 2 weeks later. I respond too. After that, nothing. I try the online chat a couple of times. No response. Ooookay, maybe they are super busy. So I phone them to check if I can arrange an appointment that way. I explain what I want etc. I get told to better come to the shop. No further explanation in regards as to why or why I didn’t get any responses on the chat/email. Just a “bye”. I think to myself “wow that is some rude lady, not a way to treat potential customers…” I give the online chat one more try and finally get it done! Appointment booked! Yay.

I jump in my cute little Mini, all excited to finally get my neck tattooed! I speed through the countryside over the back road to Glasgow, park my car and walk to the well known tattoo shop. They have 7 tattoo shops here in the UK and more overseas.

So I arrive 15 minutes before my appointment. The really nice reception girl (I mean that, she was very nice and friendly! And I was envious of her beautiful ginger hair) hands me a form to fill out regarding getting tattooed, asked me for the rest of the payment. All done and dusted! I sit down.

And wait… and wait…. and wait! After an hour she checks with the guest tattooist who’s supposed to tattoo me. She comes back and says he needs 10 more minutes. Okay, that is fine. I get it. He might be busy with another customer.

Finally he comes in, introductions done and shows me the tattoo design I have found online, only that it was a totally different design! And so ugly! I wanted a nice old school moth. He drew a completely different moth which didn’t look old school at all and there was so nothing cute and girly about it!

So I tell him politely that this is so absolutely not me and looks nothing like the one I send him. He informs me, that he “can’t feel it” and that “it is not nice to have another customers tattoo” which I totally get and I already explained that I want it amended!

We look for another design online together, bookmarked some. That is fine. He is an artist after all and if he feels this is wrong, who can fault him? He leaves again and I wait another hour. He comes back, again not with the original design. The one he offers me this time… well I could have drawn that myself and let me tell you, I am really bad in drawing, can’t even draw a tree!

I tell him, that I really really want the design I have given him in the first place. He could leave things out, change the colour here and there, maybe ad a skull…

He did not budge! So he offered to give me my money back! Didn’t even ask if I wanted to reschedule my appointment with another tattooist from the shop! Even spoke polish to the other tattooists and I highly doubt that it was not about me!

That’s what I call poor customer service! I mean, yes, I could have asked for another tattooist myself. But hey, I am a spoiled customer. I want and furthermore deserve the service. After all, they want my money and a good feedback to get even more customers in, right?!

Never ever did I experience something like it. Usually I would take my design, tell them, this is what I want. Slightly change it and the answer was always the same: No problem! I got tattooed by Germans, Polish, Italiens, Welsh, English and Dutch and never had any problems, always a good time… some where focused and quiet, others more chatty, the atmosphere always relaxed, no one ever made it awkward…

So so disappointed! Now, even though I know that there are good resident tattooists, I don’t want to go back to this shop and have to search again. And I don’t mind where here in Scotland! If I have to drive for a couple of hours, I do so. Question is, will I find one? Don’t really want to drive all the way to England or even fly over to Germany.

Big disappointed sigh.


What Would You Do For Love…

…. or what wouldn’t you do for love?

And by love I mean real, all consuming, ever lasting love!

If you see someone. A total stranger. On the street. Somewhere. And you are so blinded and fascinated by this person. You think to yourself how beautiful the person looks. The style, the smile that goes from head to toe. The sway in the walk. You see this person shine in all different colours and it hits you right there and then. All of a sudden everything you want, everything you need, is this very person. What do you do?

Would you just walk over and say “hello”? Would you follow the person, take in every step…? Would you want to find out everything before making the first move just to be sure to get it right?

And when you finally make this person fall in love with you, would you do everything in your might to keep it that way? Would you change your ways? Would you change your beliefs? Would you change your wardrobe only because she/he mentioned something? Would you even go so far as to quit friendships? Or would you make him/her bend to your will?

Would you kill for her/him? How do you know if its ever lasting love? What if it ends and you killed for someone you thought you would spend the rest of your life with?

How crazy can someone’s mind go for love?



Cosmopolitans “First Love”

I have been a Cosmopolitan reader for many many years!

I read the German Cosmopolitan, the American (which is not really my thing, sorry) and my favourite one, the UK Cosmopolitan.

Usually I found great pleasure reading about peoples “First Love”, but lately I can’t take it serious anymore.

Just today I read the February edition and the ex couple was 20 years of age!

20! Years! Of! Age!

Please tell me, what does a 20 something know of first love?! How much experience can a still very young person have, to say, “yes, it was love, my first love!”

I thought Cosmopolitan is for every age group but it was a long time since  they interviewed ex couples past 30.

Is it, because most readers want to read about younger people? Or is it because most people past 30 are in happy (married) relationships and wouldn’t want to participate? Or is the age group all of a sudden too old? But then again, if this magazine wants to have younger followers, could said followers actually afford the very fancy and pricey products which shine back at you the second you open the glossy papers?!

Hm. I don’t know, I just find it annoying. Or does that mean, I am getting old?


Tattoos, Work & Hypocrisy

Around Christmas I was bored, browsing on my Facebook account and an article popped up, posted from my former colleague who still works at this high prestige hotel.

It has shown the pastry head chef, covered in tattoos in all his glory along with what he has created and other colleagues who helped him in accomplishing such an amazing art of work!

But my point is:

When I still worked amongst them, front of house, I was nearly banned to the back of house because you could see a bit of my neck tattoos! I was told to cover it up, with plasters or make up. Eventually I cut my beautiful locks so I could wear my hair open and therefor most of it was covered!

And no, it wasn’t guests who complained about my appearance, it was someone high and mighty from the same department.

So, I ask you: Why is it, that they basically given me the ultimatum of covering up or back of house and he (the pastry head chef) is allowed to proudly wear his tattoos??? Is it because he is a man and I am a women? Is it because he is a chef and I was only a Chef de Rang? What? What is the difference? Please do enlighten me!

If you ask me, it is sheer hypocrisy! That article was well written, with nice pictures and kudos to the head chef for the accomplishment, but it really really annoyed me! I thought all people should be treated equally?! Obviously this is not the case in this establishment!…

So, I mentioned in a blog before, that I will get the tattoos I always wanted (just waiting for an appointment in Glasgow). And do you know what? I wanted tattoos on my hands and neck since I was a little girl, but it also scares me- a lot! Scares me because I fear not to find employment again. But if we all hide our desires, nothing in society will change!


Men & Fat

Over the past two years I put on weight. It was gradually. Either I didn’t realise it or I didn’t care to realise. Either way, my point is, my husband did not tell me! Which really annoys me!

And no beloved male readers, there is no catch! I for one, want to get told, when I put on weight! And no, I will not throw a fit or cry all day long about how mean you are!

I mean, you fall in love with someone. Because of their looks and of course because of the intellect! So when one of the couple gradually puts on weight, it is not what you fell in love with and no they don’t love the excess weight! Not the one who gains it nor the one who has to live with said person.

Or did you ever hear someone say:

“Oooooh I love your cute love-handles and I especially love how they jiggle when you move…. and your bat arms, how huge they are….. or oh I just love how the fat really pushes out your cellulite, I hope you will put even more on…. or I could kiss that double chin of yours all day long….or it looks so hot when your ass tries to eat your shorts….

Not ever did I hear someone say something like that! Ever!

Of course you are still loved when you put on weight, but they love you as a person but they don’t love the extra weight! And no this is not fat shaming! This is pointing out the obvious!

So please men, do yourself a favour, when your partner puts on weight, say, or if you fear for your life, at least do something about it!

But if you are truly happy for your partner to get bigger and your partner is the same, than of course just dismiss the above!

As for me and my fat, I am on the way to recovery and back to my former self by eating healthy and exercise and sleep more!


Christmas Songs

I just got back from work, I am still in my work clothes and starved, turn on the radio and what do I hear?!

Christmas songs! Already! One after the other!

But I must admit:

This time it was the nice type of Christmas songs, you know all the old classics like        Bing Crosby and not the most awful song ever: Band Aid! I am sorry but THAT is no Christmas song! Yes, I get their point, I get that those singers try to change things but when you really listen to this song, it is so depressing and no offence, but that is not what I would like to listen to during Christmas time!

Right, my shrimp curry is ready, I keep on listening to the radio while I stuff my face!