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From Vegan to Prescetarian

The transition was not difficult at all, but the decision to do this step was.

I have been a vegetarian for a loooong time and have been a vegan for three years.

Both as vegetarian and vegan I got my blood tested at least once per year to make sure I don’t have any deficiencies. My blood results where always fine, nothing to worry about.

It can take up to one year for your body to adjust to a new lifestyle. So far so good.

But since I became a vegan and looking back on it now I recently realised that I was/am constantly tired, I have put on a bit of weight but worse of all I was constantly ill. Not sickly ill that I needed to stay in bed but often cold ridden which in my case often results in nasty and painful sinus infections. And there is nothing worse than to walk around for days with swollen tiny mole eyes!!!

So I came across a study and to keep it short it basically said that though your blood results can be perfectly fine, your macrobiotics which are to be found in your gut/colon might be out of balance as apparently you get more of those macrobiotics from meat rather than plants.

Vegans and vegetarians might argue this and I would have too but when you are constantly ill and tired… at some point you just have enough and you question your diet which I did.

Of course it could be for totally different reasons like getting older, too much work and stress and too little exercise….

But at the current moment I just need more energy. Enough energy to actual enjoy my spare time with family and friends and not going to bed straight away when I come home.

So I decided to add seafood to my vegan diet which makes me a prescetarian. I will continue this diet for a year and see if something changes which I really hope.

Nighty night everyone.


There it is…the vegan glow- BUT

I might not have had the pregnancy-glow (at least I didn’t see it or maybe my eyesight is/was not the greatest), but finally, finally the vegan glow knocked on my door!

Yes, I still get the odd spot every now and then, especially when I try a new product, my skin reacts like a cat you try to bath, but compared to what it was before, that is okay.

But, and here it comes, why don’t want my love-handles shrink?!

And no, dearest (check out her blog, she is a very funny bee), I WILL NOT embrace it!

You see those good looking, slim, slender, vegan people like Freelee, or Woody Harrelson. They look young, they are slim at all the right places and you think

“I am a healthy living vegan, junk only once per week, why don’t I look more like them???”

Of course I belong to the species “normal human being”. Unfortunately with very stubborn love-handles and it drives me mental!

I am a slim person, I exercise, I eat healthy, but those little sh.ts….BIG SIGH….

Well I presume every woman knows how it feels when the desired areas won’t shrink or change the way or in the time you want it.

Only solution? Hm…. sadly money is not growing out of my pockets, so no personal trainer, cook and/or surgery for me, instead keep on eating healthy and exercise a bit harder!

Happy weekend everyone!


A happier vegan

I just finished the 4th season of “Nashville”.

While I watched the last few episodes online (in the UK it will be on telly later this year, I think), I came across a actress which I used to watch in a 90s series.

Back then I always thought, she looks so beautiful but when I have seen her now, I was a bit shocked about how old she looks now! I don’t want to say who it is, because I don’t want to offend her. She is still beautiful but looks in this show older than she actually is.

She looks tired and has puffy eyes and I wondered, if it has something to do with her life style or the way she eats or even if she is sick.

And I thought, do I want to look like that in 3 years time? Frightened. No, I don’t and the thought that I am on a vegan life style now, put me back at ease!

Then the very handsome Woody Harrelson came in my mind. And this lovely vegan individual person looks much younger than 55 and is practically glowing!

Sometimes you need a trigger to do the last step to get rid of bad habits! I found my trigger and am a bit happier now.

Though I still think, pizza is not the same without cheese but  that is fine with me now!


RT4 and why it isn’t for me

I have been on a raw til 4 diet before and have been for the past two month (I think).

I felt really good knowing how many good things I put into my body but the thing I did not like was the still full/big belly in the morning! Like a food-baby!

But that is not the reason why it doesn’t work for me.

I am not an active person in the evening! And when you have your main (warm) meal in the evening or in my case between 3 and 5pm and you don’t move much afterwards (exercise or being outdoors in any form) it is not high likely you loose weight.

I am like one of those Duracell bunnies. In the morning I work on high speed and do three million things at once but as the day goes on, my batteries start to run low.

Everybody who is familiar with RT4 says, the body needs to heal first to start the transformation. But I think my body didn’t need much healing as I have eaten very healthy already before going fully vegan. Plus I am very impatient as some of you already figured out!

So I decided to have my fruit and veg in the morning, midday something yummy warm if I please and for the evening veg and hummus or veggie soup.

Veg and hummus for my dinner. Yeah that will be great!!! My love handles will be gone in no time, I will jump sky high for joy!!!

Awww who am I kidding??? I will be in a foul mood for the next few weeks every evening until I get used to it!!! I just call it “a day” or even better “days” and repeat over and over again “love handles…. think of the love handles!!!”



Happy Vegan???

Why? Why me? Why do I belong to the ones on the other side???

For three or four weeks now I am on a vegan diet. Well no. The word “diet” is not appropriate as I never diet. The word “diet” is often associated with restricted calorie intake/less food.

In my case I eat like a horse! That is the only good thing so far!

Before my vegan lifestyle, I heard and read so many things about veganism, how people lost a lot of weight, how their skin was glowing, how healthy and energetic and frankly super good they are doing.

Me? I didn’t experience any of the above mentioned symptoms. The only thing I realized, I am feeling lighter despite the fact that I eat so huge amounts of fruit and veg.

It is the same when I got pregnant, I couldn’t wait to have this incredible baby bump and look all cute… The reality was, I just looked fat with a huge baby bump and huge ass where you could have put a tea cup on each bum cheek. Reckon you look fat when you gain 60 pounds!

Then when I started breastfeeding, I was assured, to loose the weight without doing anything as you burn calories while feeding the baby. Yeah, that was a good one! I had to fight for every single pound and really lost them when I stopped   breastfeeding!

So what about the hailed vegan transformation?! Where is the slender body??? The glow??? It’s not that I feel lethargic or hungry… but why don’t my love handles melt?! Huh? At least that! Is that too much asked for? They are really persistent which is a outrage!!!

Yes, yes I know it takes time…the body needs between three and six month to detox from animal products and no, I will not go back but still, for once I would like to fit in like everyone else, BIG SIGH…