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Accusations Of A Cat

This is my lovely cat Belle. She is the queen of the house:

Now for those who don’t speak cat, let me translate what she is communicating here:

Belle: You are not a very nice human, in fact, I might reconsider, having you for my mum!

Me: Why? What is wrong??? What did I do?

Belle: *fuming* You bought the wrong cat food! On purpose!!! I am not amused and will be on strike for as long as it takes!

Me: But there are around 15 packets of very good frozen cat food in the freezer, which cost a lot! What am I supposed to do with it?!

Belle: *hissing* If it is so good, why don’t you eat it?!

This is the life of a cat person!


Kitty Is Pregnant

Finally, finally my sweet kitty Belle is pregnant! For month her mate tried. And nothing. Every two weeks she was in heat. Do you know how loud Siamese cats can be when they are in heat? Normal cats are pretty loud already, but she?! It’s deafening!!!

I think for at least 5 month Blue got his leg over- he was a very lucky furry guy! Now all he is is frustrated as now Belle is growling at him whenever he tries to mount her. Poor boy, but he will survive!

By the end of May or early June we should have sweet cute little Siamese. We already decided we will keep one of them, depending of how many there are.

But I can’t decide what colour. They will be either blue point which really looks like a mix of white and grey and seal point which is a mix of cream and dark brown. The older Siamese get the darker they turn and when they are born they are all white. Belle is a slim elegant seal point girl and Blue is a blue point chubby boy but his eyes… oh so big and deep blue! Both very affectionate, though Belle only likes to get stroked on her back when she comes to sit on your lap. Blue? He loves a full body massage 24/7!

As you can see, I can’t stop gushing and since I am such a nice person and have nothing better to do right now, I thought I let you all know!

If I wouldn’t find it cruel to breed cats non stop, I would supply all of north Scotland with Siamese. Firstly to keep the breed alive and strong and secondly to have a drop in the price as in average a Siamese costs around +£300,-. I always wonder why? Why do pedigree cats have to be more expansive than domestic house cats? Food, toys, vet- it’s all the same price! Insurance may vary but even that is not much higher. And if the purchase costs of pedigree cats would be lower or the same as domestic house cats, I believe the crime rate in regards to abductions would go down- why abduct a kitty when you can (finally) afford one yourself? You see: It would be a win-win situation!

 And here are my sweet kitties Blue and Belle aka Bluebell



My Cat The Piss-Head

My siamese cat Belle is driving me mental!

Whenever she is in heat, she starts to pee.

So when we start recognising the typical signs, we keep our bedroom doors shut, as she loves to pee on our beds during this period. Don’t ask me why! She doesn’t pee anywhere but the litter tray when she is not in heat.

I don’t know how much longer I can do this:

A week ago she peed right inside my fire place! MY FIREPLACE!!! A day later she didn’t even bother to bent down, she just peed while standing with her furry ass pressed on my fire place!

I mean, really?! What the heck??? I really, really scrubbed the whole lot (okay, my son did) and even lit a fire to get rid of the stench, but Miss High And Mighty still detected something that made her do it again.

For weeks we try to get her pregnant and I don’t know if it is her or our boy. I do understand, this can’t go on forever. I will go mental and it is also not good for kitties health not to mention the amounts of time I have to scrub and wash everything…

Poor thing! Poor Me!!!