Category: Poems


The blue in your eyes became a storm

And the fierce fire that has burned within you

Is snuffed out by sheer madness

While your body is violently trembling like a leaf


Shaking from a lovers fading touch

Your flesh still burning

From the remaining bits of love

A distinct scent kisses your shoulder

And endless memories are pumping through your veins


The hollow reflection that stares back at you

From a sea of sadness

Tells you to keep on breathing

Breathing breathing


Gone is the ones so bright light

Replaced by never ending dark nightmares

Enveloping you like a cozy blanket


Though my eyes  have seen it all

And my body felt it

I don’t know fear

Not anymore

In the arms of an angel

I am falling through love and I am falling through pain

And once the pain subsided (as good as it gets)


I am falling through laughter and also through tears

And after I make my way out of endless tears


I am falling through happiness and I am falling through despair

But despair is such a dark place, I need to hurry and so


I am falling through rich times (and with rich times) I am falling through poor times

And while I keep on falling, I am falling while in the arms of an angel


Feeling the sun on my

Tongue makes the world a better place

And my blue soul disappears





The lines came to my mind while standing at traffic lights this morning, listening to a Marvin Gaye song, the sun shining upon my smiling face…..