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Feeling the sun on my

Tongue makes the world a better place

And my blue soul disappears





The lines came to my mind while standing at traffic lights this morning, listening to a Marvin Gaye song, the sun shining upon my smiling face…..



The blue above our heads

Makes me want to kiss your lips

Which taste of endless tenderness

Survivor (of my own heart)

Thought to have it all

Looking down at my empty hands

Seeing the water in my veins start to freeze

Turning my shaking body into shades of blue


And where once have been tears

Are fine lines of hot anger

Telling a silent tale of hopeless love


Trying to compose myself

Slowly breathing in and out

Holding my head up high


I am a survivor of my own heart


I don’t want to talk about it



I don’t want to talk about it how you broke my heart for this heart was so innocent in my chest or was there ever a heart given to me?

I don’t want to talk about it how I was crying forever and how the shadows hid my tears trying to drown the very same soul staring at you with big poor-spirited eyes waiting for death to claim

But if you stay a bit longer, listen (listen to my heart)


I don’t want to talk about it how much pain it caused holding up on my knees (on my knees) long enough to see the blue in the sky or was there really blue but grey as grey is all I can see or is it still blue hidden behind grey?

But if you stay a bit longer, listen (listen to my heart)


I don’t want to talk about it how I listened to you in empty silence and that I saw you (saw you) in the corner of my eyes and that I forgot to breathe as breathing is life and life is love or is love just a  tale and if love exists, does it sooth everything?

But if you stay a bit longer, listen (listen to my heart)








You & Me


After all this time love is still running through us

Like clear water in a stream

And dipping my feet in soothes it all


You lost yourself in the blue of my eyes

The very first moment you saw me and

You are still wondering how to escape


Skipping around in your mind

Day and night makes the butterflies

In your belly go wild


You pull the sky over me with your smile

As we dance  and

Everything else becomes trivial


Drifting through a sea of fire

I am loosing myself

But your grip around my heart is tight


I am floating far far away

On your words

In the warm summer rain


The bitter sweet past long gone

We are reaching for the stars

Not knowing what tomorrow will bring