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Ideal Day After Work

My ideal day after work looks like this:

Often I come home from work late. I bash through the door growl at everyone, waiting for my dinner to be served, whinging why the house is a mess…

Straight after dinner I jump under the shower and freshly polished right into my pyjama! I grab my kindle or an actual book (“Porno” by Irvine Welsh will be next), turn on the radio in the kitchen (right now it is The Teskey Brothers) and snuggle into bed. Sometimes accompanied by a glass of whiskey.

Sigh… what a bliss…

Have a good week everyone



I am very good in multitasking! And in getting drunk for no a (whatever) reason!

While I am off today, the weather is great for good old Scotland, I am sitting here in my living room, listening to the fabulous           Teskey Brothers (for anyone who loves real good voices/music, not the pop crap that you hear 24/7 in radio, check them out!) while at the same time I am stuffing my face with crisps, drinking whiskey and working on another post!

The music is on full blast, my living room door shut and my thoughts all over the place.



Christmas Songs

I just got back from work, I am still in my work clothes and starved, turn on the radio and what do I hear?!

Christmas songs! Already! One after the other!

But I must admit:

This time it was the nice type of Christmas songs, you know all the old classics like        Bing Crosby and not the most awful song ever: Band Aid! I am sorry but THAT is no Christmas song! Yes, I get their point, I get that those singers try to change things but when you really listen to this song, it is so depressing and no offence, but that is not what I would like to listen to during Christmas time!

Right, my shrimp curry is ready, I keep on listening to the radio while I stuff my face!


Being emotional

It has been over a year since my grandma died.

When my husband told me after I got back from my shift in the evening, I cried.

One of those long, loud, raw heartbreaking cries. It didn’t last long.

I cried it out while my husband held me.

I did not cry at the funeral. I didn’t want to. Didn’t want the others to see me like that.

But every time I see a grandma and her grandchildren together, I have tears in my eyes.

The pain does not lessen. It is a constant ache and I know I will be feeling like this forever.

I am certain it is because I can’t hear her voice anymore, can’t phone her up to ask for advice.

That’s what I miss the most. The advice… Advice how to handle things, to hear her opinion.

I lost the most important person in my life….

But that is life, right? Life gives and life takes….

I will survive this with a sad smile.


What happened to good music???

When I watch tv in the evening, I have a bit of a ritual just before I go to bed.

I check the time (usually I go to bed before 9pm, I need my beauty sleep, okay?!) and switch to the Sky music channels. Everyone who got Sky tv knows, there are a lot. I just love to listen to a nice song before I join the sheep in the land of dreams.

So I scrolled down, went from channel to channel until I came across

“Greatest love songs ever”, or something along the line. “Wonderful”, I thought, all happy to hear some nice favourite songs.

I clicked on it and on screen came Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a river”.

No offense Justin, I like some of your songs, probably because some have some really nice grooves, but “Cry me a river”??? Really??? Greatest love song???

Before I clicked on it, I thought about

Etta James “At last”… Joe Cocker’s “You are so beautiful”… or (very cheesy)

Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”…

You know, songs with finesse, real voices who don’t need additional electronic help to sound good…

When I listen to music, I don’t want to hear f-words, how they get into someones knickers and have sex in detail.

Of course “back then”, 50s…80s… they sang about the same things, but the lyrics where much nicer and somehow hidden…

Maybe I am just old fashioned, older than I actually am… but I think it is a sad thing that nowadays you have to look your best, have the best music video and best special effects to make it… If you have the just mentioned, it doesn’t really matter when your voice actually is a mix of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, BIG SIGH…

Now I share a classic…