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Early mornings

Since two or three weeks now I am getting up at the same time every day! 7 days a week, 5:45am!

Better for body rhythm, according to scientific studies. And I must say, I feel much better getting up at the same. And I don’t even mind going to bed at around 8ish!

My morning starts with my Lumie clock waking me up, I check my emails and the weather, get up and either do weights or go for a run. For my run I have to be out by 6, so I don’t feel rushed and can run a longer distance.

But sometimes I also just cook the lunch for the day(s), tidy up, do the laundry and get ready for work all combined with loud music from the kitchen because 1: I love loud good music, 2: when I am awake, everyone is awake!

I am a morning person and it feels nice when everything is done and dusted before you go to work, do the school run or just want to keep the sofa company for the rest of the day!


Me And My Commitment Issues

Usually, or often, it is us women who blame the men that they don’t want to commit, but here I am, still sitting in my stripy blue/white cotton short pyjamas, holding my hands up, admitting that I have commitment issues!

I might even go so far as to say, I am a commitment phobe!

When you think of commitment, you think (romantic) relationships. Well okay, let’s start there:

Before my husband, I have been in relationships. Some longer, some maybe just a couple of month, weeks even. At some point I either got bored ore annoyed or I cheated which meant I would walk out of the relationship anyway. However, at some point I was told, I don’t have a heart because I just didn’t want to fully commit to the relationship. What was the reasonable thing to do? I walked away. All I ever wanted was easy peasy relationships and if that didn’t work out, even after a (lame) attempt to fix it, I just quit. Someone once proposed to me. The way and the ring was all wrong but I went with it at first. But every time I looked at the ring it made me sweat, I felt physically ill even thinking about being married (to that guy). I just couldn’t do it! I didn’t want this!

And even now that I am (happily) married, I often find it hard to stay committed which has nothing to do with wanting other men or romantic feelings it has more to do with me just wanting to do what I want, when I want. But when you are married, and you have children and a house together, you can’t just walk away when something annoys you, you have to work it out which sometimes can drive one (me) mental. And of course there is the thing that I am a flirt which drives hubby to his ends wits. But hey I am what I am, just can’t help it.

Am I committed to my friends? Here I can give you a big fat YES! I am loyal to my friends and I know they know it! Though sometimes I fear because of the distance some of my friends could just befriend other nice people…. hahahaha who am I kidding here?! There is no better friend but me! Ts, the thought alone….

But except from friendships I can’t seem to commit to anything!

I can’t commit to a hairstyle or length. I think I had almost every haircut possible in my 40 years.

I also can’t commit to a style clothes wise. I wore everything from hippie, to punk, 50s 90s….But one thing I never do: I never go with the latest trend. The things you currently find in my cupboard is lots of Fred Perry, skirts and long floaty dresses. And cashmere cardigans and jumpers. No jeans! And only two Fred Perry chinos for terrible weather.

When it comes to jobs it is the same thing: I studied to become a legal secretary but after 3 years I got trained to become a piercer. Two years ago I studied to become a sports massage therapist. Do I still work as a therapist? Of course not! Past summer I went to Ireland for work. I left after 2 month because I didn’t like Dublin (sorry Dubliners). Now I work in hospitality again and the only thing me not leaving is because the drive is only 25 minutes! I received an invitation for a job interview (two days ago) as a typist in Edinburgh city centre. I did not reply… yet. It would be more money, but also far more travel time. I would need to get to the next train station as everyone who ever went to Edinburgh in morning rush hour does understand why I don’t want to drive. Awful. Just awful. I mean if I switch jobs again, my CV looks like I do nothing but job hopping… Decisions, decisions…

A place to live? I can’t even commit to that! Yes, we bought a house and the area is lovely. But I would love to go much further north west! I feel restless thinking about living here for the rest of my life! I thought it’s what I want, what I need. But once again, I am wrong. I love moving house, I love seeing new places.

I can’t even commit to my WordPress. Instead of writing and committing to one topic, I write about everything and nothing.

Maybe commitment in my case equals boredom. Or maybe the feeling that if I commit I am stuck and don’t move forward.

Life is full of exciting opportunities and I just don’t want to miss out on anything, I guess. Does it make me sad that I can’t commit? No! I like the way I am! I am full of life and want to take it all!

So I try to keep on running. I mean, flying! Flying sounds much nicer. Flying wherever the wind blows me!


Odd Commentary

Two days I received not one, but two odd commentary from two different people.

When I was sitting at the hair dresser’s, we were talking about my hairdresser’s life, what she did before and when we came to children, I told her I have 4.

“4!!! Children?! 4??? You are married? Really? I thought you are single the way you look….”

I know, (she said so herself) she meant it in a nice way, but I wonder:

Am I not marriage material because I am heavily tattooed? Don’t I look like the type who could be married? I found that really odd.

Forward hours later:

My sister phones me. We updated each other what happened in each others lives in the past week and so I told her all proud, that I finally got my throat tattooed. And so she says:

“You still get tattooed?!?” She sounded really surprised, maybe even a bit shocked.

Why wouldn’t I still get tattooed? Are only people under 40 are allowed to get tattooed? And/or people with less than 4 children? Unmarried single human beings? I don’t even look 40! Usually people would say I look 30!

Maybe it was just her overall stuck up opinion on how to live your life. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and I wished I could see her on a daily basis, but we are two very different people so I don’t hold her odd comment against her… but it still made me wonder.


The Thing With Temptation

Recently I had a very serious talk with my husband about our relationship.

Now I have to inform you, my husband can be very jealous and therefor controlling. And when he asked me, if I have cheated on him, my answer was “no”. Because I don’t lie and wouldn’t do something like that behind his back! So he asked, if I wanted?  I replied “only if you give me permission”. He didn’t like this one bit! He doesn’t want to share! He nearly had a heart attack and nervous breakdown. He hates it when I am flirting! But flirting to me, is like breathing. It comes natural and I do it without thinking. I might flirt with young, old, women, men. And there is nothing to it. Nothing sexual. It is just the fun bit, you know, where you have a fun, nice, easy going exchange of words which makes you smile and giggle. That’s all!

I always been like this and you need to have a really thick skin to be with me, I have to admit.

The thing with temptation is this, whoever you go, it is always in reach!

Am I tempted to cheat? Am I (actively) looking for it? And what does it contain? Where does cheating start in your point of view?

As for me, I am very relaxed about this topic. Would I mind if my husband would kiss or even have sex with someone else? Honestly? No, as long as he comes back home to me!

Temptation can be anything from a look, a word, an innocent touch.

It is about how far you go!

Everyone can be tempted, but everyone also got the will to stop!


I Became A Boring (Looking) Housewife

I must admit, I have been very unhappy about what I became.

A bored out of her arse housewife. Starting by the clothing, ending at the non-existing fun factor!

The last couple of years I did nothing but work and sleep, occasionally go for a run. How boring is that?! I used to be a fun person. Going out with friends, participate at running events, cinema, etc. That all disappeared.

I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw at all. So now is the time to change. I finally get my tattoos done and want to do more fun things in general.

I also like to do more things with hubby as after almost 10 years we drifted apart. Sadly we are no more than parents, not a couple and that’s not how a relationship should be. The good thing is, that our love is still there so we just sail through the storm until we hit the sun again!

So a change is to come and I am looking forward to it!


Studio Gallerie XIII Edinburgh

I did it! Yesterday I finally got my neck tattooed!

A week ago I went to Edinburgh to  Studio Gallerie XIII Edinburgh and booked an appointment. The staff was very welcoming, we had a nice chat, I handed in my designs, paid my deposit and yesterday I returned to get tattooed by Alan.

And I must say, I had a really and painless (YES though it was right on my throat) good time.

Alan did such a fantastic job, that I already booked my next appointment! Everyone who past us during the session, complemented him on how good his work looks and when I finally got to take a look in the mirror, I was more than happy! He was kind and funny, explained everything, asked my opinion on styles, made sure I was comfortable, all in all easy peasy through out! I can highly recommend the shop! Not only because of Alan, but also because there are other very good tattooists who also happen to be extremely friendly-

What more does one need?!

I am so glad to have found the right tattoo shop after the disaster in Glasgow!

To many more tattoos to come!


What you should (not) do as a hotel guest

Well since I am back in hospitality as it is convenient, I would like to tell what you should, or shouldn’t do in a hotel room:

  1. Don’t scatter your rubbish all around the room AND bathroom. There are bins, they don’t bite you and if the bin is already overflowing because you have been on a shopping spree and pigged out, just put it next to it. The rubbish will not walk out on its own (though it would be nice)!
  2. Don’t leave your wet towels in the bed. WHY? WHY do you do that?!? There is no logic behind it other than that the duvet/mattress will get wet, too ! Do I look like a dryer? Oh you don’t know?! Well no, I don’t!
  3. When you have sex, and yes, we can hear you without having our ears stuck to your door, could you please wrap your condoms (though high praise for protection) in something so that it doesn’t proudly stares back at us when we empty the bin? That would be great!
  4. Of course you can bring your dog with you. We love dogs! But what we not love is the odour that comes from your beloved pooch…or the doggy treats! So could you open the windows before you vacate your room?
  5. When you get up, open at least the curtains. And if you open the curtains and a window, well that would be the cherry on the cake. Nothing worse than when you get hit by stale morning fart/breath air and the radiator on full blast!
  6. And last: Appreciate the people who clean and tidy for and after you. Tipp them! Even if it is only a £1. Yes, we know you paid for the room and the cleaning, but hey, are you that messy at your home? Didn’t think so!