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I Think My Ego Is Gone

My beloved huge ego… it’s gone. Flew away with the four winds the second I met my other half!

It’s funny how we act differently in every relationship.

In previous relationships I would have always acted like I am Gods gift. If it was over with a guy I would cry for two, maybe even three days and move on. If I had something to say I was quite bland. I spoke my mind without thinking about whether I hurt his feelings. I would still do my thing as if I was single.

Now for the first time ever, I actually wonder if I am enough for my man. I wonder if he will still love me in a couple of years or move on with someone else.

Back then I didn’t give a flying poop when I heard stories of former lovers, now it kind of bothers me and I can feel myself tense up.

I am not insecure and I am perfectly happy in our relationship. I think those thoughts pop up because I genuinely care and love him so much.

I guess if you really love someone it comes naturally to please your man/woman and I am really enjoying it. And when those thoughts are floating around my mind it is a sign of not taking him for granted.

So I am okay with my ego having a party somewhere else with someone else. I don’t need it anymore.


Every Relationship Is Different

I don’t know how you handle a new relationship but for me, every relationship is different.

I… act different in every relationship. What I mean is, I don’t make the same mistakes I did before because I want things to work out!

When I was younger, I was very jealous. Now I just think to myself:

If he loves me, he will stay and if he doesn’t he was not worth my time and attention!

I don’t try to change my partner. I fell in love with him for the way he is! And if you really can’t live with the way he/she is, ask yourself if you truly love that person.

I don’t hold grudges. I let go of that habit a loooong time ago. Talk it over, fix whatever bothers you and forget about it. Live in the now, look forward to the future and don’t look back, that’s what I do!

But what is most important to me, is not taking things too serious and see the glass half full!

The above are just a few examples. I made so many mistakes, too many to count. But that is okay!

We are all looking for THE ONE whether we like to admit it or not. Making mistakes in relationships is normal. thats how we learn and make it better next time. If there is a next time.

But sometimes, sometimes we do all the right things and there is no need to move on and that’s when it is love.


Thank You- I Don’t Need Your Opinion!!!

At the current moment I seem to be the black sheep of the family. Nothing new to me! Have been there many times and as it seems will be for the rest of my life.

Whiiiiiich is okay, as I don’t give a flying poop!

The only thing that annoys me is, if you brand me the black sheep, please stick to the facts, will you?!

The latest anecdote is as follows:

My cousin sends me a seemingly innocent message on WhatsApp. Saying “…I heard something through the grapevine…”

I had to defend my actions in regards to my children. Whenever I tried to tell her the facts, she would go, “but…”

And who do you think caused all the commotion in the first place?! Of course! MY MOTHER! Mrs I always stick my nose in other people’s businesses!!!

To keep a long story of arguing back and forth via WhatsApp short:

A good piece of advise:

If you don’t know the facts and even better: if you are not in someones else shoes, do not accuse the other person of wrongdoing!!!

It’s like telling a mother how to raise her children when you yourself don’t even have any!!! Pointless and absolutely unnecessary!

As for my cousin and me, the situation heated to a boiling degree and neither of us might talk to each other for quite some time!

Yes, I like to be immature on this occasion, just because I can!!!


Be Happy For Your Ex

A break up is never a nice occasion but sometimes not avoidable.

When I broke up with someone, I always tried to remain friendly and when someone broke up with me (yes, that happened, can’t even believe it myself), I tried to swallow my pride for being dumped and put on a brave face.

The brave face always turned into a “genuine” face as I never cried long after an ex who didn’t deserve me in the first place, otherwise he would have stayed!

However. Lets get back to when I got dumped and saw my ex with someone new. I never held grudges and thought them all the best. Okay, I admit it, of course I thought to myself, that I am so much better looking… but that’s it, I swear!

Never ever would I have tried to tear them apart by for example, weaselling my way back into his life or even worse spread lies. I think to do that is very low!

Plus there is the thing with karma. It will come for you and it might hit you harder than expected, so do avoid it, behave, swallow biting remarks and hope for the best!

That’s what you should do when you break up: Try to stay civil. Unless you are a teenager. In that case you are excused!


Why Do Men Assume…

…that a woman has had an affair when she ends her relationship???

Darling ex told his dad, that we have separated and his instant response was “she is having an affair!”

When I told my ex back then, that I quit, he asked me the same thing!

No! I did not have an affair or ended my marriage because of another man!

So I wonder, why do men do that? Why assume another bloke has something to do with a break up?

Why not do the adult thing and seriously ask yourself what really went wrong? Ever thought that the problem lies between the couple???

Just saying


Dating Advice For The Ex

It is really funny how my life turned out. I didn’t see myself separating after 10 years of marriage, doing the conscious uncoupling thing and lastly giving my ex dating advice.

Darling ex was married twice before he met me, so really he was never alone and always in longterm relationships. Which means he has no clue when it comes to dating.

How to be flirty? What to say? What not to say? What is appropriate? When to ask to exchange numbers? When to initiate the first date?

So many questions…. the list goes on and on.

However, darling ex told me the other day, he is talking to a lady. At some point he messaged her something he shouldn’t have. So to rescue him from being dumped before it even begins, I told him how to save his backside.

Gentlemen, let me tell what women would want to hear. At least from my point of view:

Be straight with them! Honesty is the best medicine as women are sneaky detectives. If they want to find something out, they will and if they don’t like it, aaaaaall hell will break lose!

Also, tell them what you want from a relationship, but only the important basics. We don’t want to know your whole story!

And if you are just out of a relationship, but still friends with your ex for whatever reasons, let her know and ask her how she feels about it. If she is uncomfortable, ask her what she would suggest! But even if she says, that she is fine with it, never ever tell her you asked your ex for advice! Oh boy she will be so offended, she might not kill you right away, but you will never going to live that one down!

Never, ever slag down your ex- even if she deserves it. If a potential new partner asks what went wrong, begin with “this is my point of view and there are always two sides to a story… she might see it completely differently and I don’t want her to look bad as she is not here to defend herself…” That will give you lots of brownie points! Take my word for it! Plus it is a decent and very adult thing to do!

Don’t try too hard. If she doesn’t reply straight away, she might be busy. You, are not the centre of her world and that is okay- live with it!

Do not try to get into her knickers on the first date, unless she specifically says so! She might be the one, so plenty of time to rip of those panties!

If you think you can impress her with your bank account, think twice if you really want such a shallow person as your partner! A woman who genuinely likes you, doesn’t care about money, a sparkling car or a posh mention!

And when after all the above you really made it to first base, don’t eat her face off and fish for the remaining last dinner! A nice, slow kiss with soft lips and a little bit of tongue action is what women want! So get the lip scrub out and prepare!

And now the most important thing:

Be yourself and make her laugh! If you can make her laugh without playing the fool, you did it!

So darling ex has the most important facts and now it is up to him to score. I don’t mind helping him out as I want him to be happy.

Me? Well, I certainly didn’t look nor did I expect it, but someone special found me. I don’t want to talk about it just yet. Don’t want to jinx it. . . so stay tuned!


Penis Pictures

The other night. It is around 1am. My bestie sends me a text with a picture. A guy she met online month ago and was chatting with back then, send her a naked full on penis picture!

She then sends it to me, asking a pained “why?”. I tell her to ask him what you are supposed to do with it, so she did. The guy’s answer: “Oh it wasn’t meant to be for you”.

Yes, riiiiight. Wenn a woman shows no signs of interest, it wasn’t meant to be for her.

To be honest, I wasn’t impressed either! If I was him, I would have chosen a nicer and more important, tidier background. Also after closer inspection of his, what he thinks, best part, I must say his penis looks like a long branch with dips down somewhere in the middle despite the fact that “it” was erect!

My bestie told me it happens often that she is talking to guys she meets online, everything is nice and bam, out of the blue she gets hit with a cock picture!

And I wonder:

Why do men do that? Do they really think, that is the right way to charm themselves into a woman knickers???

Or are they aware of the fact that their intellect is that low that they have to compensate with a penis picture? I mean it is a totally different thing when you are in a relationship. I’d like to believe we all send some naughty pictures somewhen in the past. I certainly did, would never ever if it wasn’t my man!


If my bestie gets those pictures on a regular basis, does she save them in a folder and if so, does she plan on creating a collage and publish it online with the caption “How Not To Get A Woman!”?

I shall ask her.


The Reason My Marriage Failed

Some of you might have read in a previous post, that I ended my marriage for good. The biggest problem my husband had… wait a bit… my husband doesn’t seem to be appropriate anymore. What shall I refer him to? Ex husband? Ex? Darling ex? I think I will refer to him as darling ex, as we are still on good terms and don’t hate each other! Okay, now back to the actual topic:

What darling ex couldn’t live with, was me being quite flirty. I told him over and over again, that flirting to me is nothing but hot air and banter between two people. I even flirt with women without thinking anything sexual, it is just fun. Let me give you an example:

The other day I walked up to a colleague. He said: What do you want? I replied: Nothing but your hot body, but a big pack of toilet paper will do for now! He: And here I am thinking you want me, but toilet paper seems more important. Me: Well, you can’t have everything!

See? Just two people having a giggle!

And come on, this is Scotland, this is the UK! This is the land of charming gentlemen and women of all ages and sizes!

But I think, I wasn’t the main reason for jealousy here. It was rather the fact that he was cheated on before he met me. I know things like that sting, but only because you got mistreated before, doesn’t mean, that the next person is the same. Or that the cheating person cheats again. It just wasn’t meant to be, the paring was not right.

If I was really into each and every person I have flirted with, I would be more famous than Giacomo Casanova!!! Maybe I should make my flirtations a reputable business! I would be a millionaire by the end of the year! Ha, what am I thinking?! A multi millionaire! And when I really like someone, like I-Want-To-Get-Into-Your-Boxers-Like, believe me, I make that very clear! There are no doubts about this!

There where other little things, like me being extremely spontaneous, me leaving the house without notice, and me not wanting to change my ways. Probably a 1000 other annoying things, who counts?!

What I couldn’t live with anymore was him, and that is how I perceived him even though he doesn’t, was that he was extremely controlling and jealous. He would log into my accounts like facebook, WhatsApp and I don’t know what else, snooping around, contacting people and threatening them, followed by interrogating me, what I am doing, who I am with, who I am talking to on the phone, who I am texting with, why I am not home from work, yet. That was, when he was triggered or felt threatened by someone.

The next thing from my perspective of view was, that he would come up with things, we already discussed, things that are in the past. Over and over again. Like a broken record. Or that he would talk forever to “sort things out”. I am not a person who likes to talk about her feelings. Just.Don’t.Do.It! I also might be one of the view women who when talked about something that bothers me, I will not bring it up again. I am like Dory- 2 seconds later I have forgotten all about it. And I hate to repeat myself. So why do it over and over again?! I didn’t have any new answers!

Yeah, we both promised to change. But we all know that people don’t change. Not really. Something, somewhen will come up, a trigger and bam, here we go again.

And though I might end up alone and dead one day, maybe even eaten by my desperate, starving cats (who of course will feel awful feasting on me) because no-one checked on me, ending it was the right decision.

In the end I felt like I have to censor my every move, everything I said. And this is so not me. Everyone who knows me, knows I always speak my mind. Now I feel much better. The pressure of trying to be a wife is gone, some weight is lifted off my shoulders. And anyway:

We are still young and hell, we are good looking! Someone will take pity on us and/or crazy enough to put up with all our beautiful flaws!


Scottish Country Roads

Let me tell you something about Scottish country roads:

Our roads are cute, cozy, narrow roads. Everyone who lives in Scotland knows that. We, who live here, know that when it is wet, you just slow down a bit. Same applies when you take a road you are not that familiar with. If another car comes from the opposite direction, we also slow down a bit. If a big truck squeezes itself through. We just stop, because, yes you guessed it, we are pooooliiiite!

Now, it is summer time. It is tourist time. Most tourists come from down south. That’s great! We love to have you up here. And hopefully the following does not offend you but let me tell you something very important:

When you come up and you are not used to our cute, cozy, narrow roads, just slow down a bit. A BIT, I said. Not 20+ miles beyond the tempo limit!!! And if you can’t get your teeth out of your steering wheel because you are about to wee yourself, pull over and let us, who know the roads, pass by! Don’t be a hindrance, that would be great.

Also: Under no circumstance, I repeat: Under no circumstance should you gesticulate to someone to move over, when you are already on their side of the road! Oh no, do not do that!  You might think you do, but in fact, you do not drive a tank!!!

Oh, nearly forgot: You also don’t have to break every single time just because you hit a corner. I am sure you foot is not glued to the pedal, so just take if off for a few seconds (works wonders) The constant flashing of your break lights is like teasing a bull! And we don’t want that, right?!

Thanks for listening. Much appreciated!


Women’s Business Clothes

Today I was reading one of my 5 gossip magazines. Yes, occasionally… okay let me rephrase that: Once per month I feel the need to buy a couple of magazines (Cosmopolitan is a monthly must-have) to read about gossip, get the latest info about exercise and gadgets and health and look at eye watering expansive clothes I probably never be able to afford!

There you go!

So back to what I wanted to write about in the first place:

In “Grazia” was an Artikel about women’s business clothes from a lady which name I can’t remember. She is high in finance business but her wardrobe….. well…. how to put it to not offend the good lady which I reckon is in her late 40s…. hmmmm…..

Dull? Boring? Frumpy? Probably all together!

Okay, she works in finance and you should look the part, but the way she wore the clothes made her at least 10 years older. I found it boring and am sure I am not the only one.

What would I give to see her in a Fred Perry dress, ha ha ha. Or in this beautiful pink long floaty Me&Em dress (I am waiting desperately for a reduction as I don’t want to cough up £350,- but it is so so pretty, you look like a big yummy candy).

No really! I think if we wouldn’t take us all so serious, even in such a demanding job, we would be more open minded when it comes to appearance.

There, said it all.