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Once you have a family the money is gone!

A few weeks ago I went with my children and husband to the Metrocentre in Newcastle. Actually I don´t really like huge shopping centers, I prefer small shops, specially second-hand shops. However. I went to Richard Nicolls to the bag area and the object of desire was a  cute little  Mulberry handbag.

Believe it or not the beauty cost 650,-GBP! For some of you it might be just peanuts. But for me, well I stood there, touching this soft handbag and even got a bit upset because I knew I can´t afford it! So with a big sigh I put it back on the shelve and said good-bye. On the way home I went all quiet dreaming about the handbag. Don´t get me wrong, I am no handbag addict! Really! The only thing I own which comes close to a handbag is a Fred Perry cotton shopper! Of course hubby said, I can have it if I really want it. But as much I wanted it, I am not that stupid. I rather pay all bills and have money left on the bank!

So for the rest of the day I was sad. Sad that I can´t afford a very pricey handbag followed by anger! Anger because I felt so stupid!

Before I had children (for those who are new to my blog, I have 4 children), I spend all my money on cheap clothes, food, and  went out clubbing every weekend for a long time. I was one of those stupid little kids who didn´t think of tomorrow. Why save money? I want to have fun and live! That´s how I thought!

But eventually reality bit and keeps on biting me in my nice little bum (yes, I train hard for it, this morning I went running with Cash in his stroller and we made every single hill!!!):

If you don´t save any money and I don´t mean just a few bob, you are (sorry for saying it like that) in the shit! Once you have children you need to spend the money on them. Not particularly because you have to, no because you like to of course. And once you have a family, of course you need to spend money on your car which almost falls apart! Did I mention I was so desperate, that I wanted to open a donation account? I thought “when  a woman gets a new pair of boobs donated, surely there will be people out there who will send me money for a proper car…” But when I was on this website (I can´t even recall the name), I was embarrassed, because there where account holders, who really needed money, so I ditched the silly thought!

When you are young you tell yourself, I can still buy me nice designer furniture, clothing, a car or house later! No, you can´t! Every month something new happens. Car bills, school uniforms, school trips, the cat is ill (of course you don´t want that poor thing to suffer, so you go to the vet), dental treatments (we don´t want to end up without any teeth left in the head), mess bills, general bills (house etc.) and of course you need to buy food, sometimes you need new clothes. The list goes on and on…

So I might be only in my mid 30s, but let me tell you this:

Don´t be stupid like I was, and waste your money. Invest in good furniture, quality clothes, one or two posh handbags and save money!!!

I know, I know, money can´t buy you happiness and I am rather poor like a church mouse than unhappy with a lot of money, but sometimes I wished I would have spent my money a bit wiser-

Than I would be able to afford this handbag or other pricey little things women think can´t live without them! SIGH…..