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There it is…the vegan glow- BUT

I might not have had the pregnancy-glow (at least I didn’t see it or maybe my eyesight is/was not the greatest), but finally, finally the vegan glow knocked on my door!

Yes, I still get the odd spot every now and then, especially when I try a new product, my skin reacts like a cat you try to bath, but compared to what it was before, that is okay.

But, and here it comes, why don’t want my love-handles shrink?!

And no, dearest (check out her blog, she is a very funny bee), I WILL NOT embrace it!

You see those good looking, slim, slender, vegan people like Freelee, or Woody Harrelson. They look young, they are slim at all the right places and you think

“I am a healthy living vegan, junk only once per week, why don’t I look more like them???”

Of course I belong to the species “normal human being”. Unfortunately with very stubborn love-handles and it drives me mental!

I am a slim person, I exercise, I eat healthy, but those little sh.ts….BIG SIGH….

Well I presume every woman knows how it feels when the desired areas won’t shrink or change the way or in the time you want it.

Only solution? Hm…. sadly money is not growing out of my pockets, so no personal trainer, cook and/or surgery for me, instead keep on eating healthy and exercise a bit harder!

Happy weekend everyone!


My mojo is back- hello runners knee!

Some people have or get the winter-blues, I as it happened, got the summer-blues!!!

Summer is just not my favourite time of the year. Yes, it might rain a little less, the sun is out and longer BUT it is way too warm for me!

I just can’t cope with the heat! “Heat” here in the north of England starts with 18C end usually ends with around 25C!

My, my, I sound like an old granny, but it is true. The warmer it gets, the less I want to exercise. I just can’t be bothered. I can’t get my behind up and out of the door!

Now that summer is over, the temperatures are at around 14C or less, my running-mojo has returned! Yeah!!!

It is crisp outside, the leaves are falling, the light is warmer, it is windy constantly…. yes, it might be a bit more wet and boggy, but that is OK!

I am ready to go running!!!

Unfortunately after a marathon last weekend (DT40 in Leyburn, Yorkshire Dales), I am suffering from what you call a “runners knee”!

Don’t ask me how that happened! I was a bit stiff the day after but another day later it hurt so much that I could do nothing but limp to the doctor.

“Rest it”, she said….”for 4 – 6 weeks”, she said.


Why now???

After a week of limping around, 1000 painkillers later, it doesn’t hurt so much anymore when I walk, sit or sleep.

Until I am able to run again, I have to survive of lettuce just to make sure, I don’t put extra pounds on.

Ha, me the little bunny…with useless legs….

But I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Have a great one, everyone!


I used to be rock ‘n roll….

now I am a boring house wife!!!


I used to be the girl with the nose so high in the clouds,  she could barely see the ground!

I used to be a girl who looked very innocent but shouldn’t be underestimated!

I used to be a very wild child… quiet… who didn’t look for action, but when someone inflicted it, this girl used to have a big mouth and quick fists!

But that was in an ancient  time when said girl didn’t have 2 or even 4 children. When the girl was still independent, bought the world and had only herself to look after!

The girl decided it is time for children. Which she didn’t regret but she didn’t think about that the older the wee ones get, the more they cost!!!

Instead of… partying hard at the weekend until she and her friends where friendly asked by staff to leave, boarding planes to go shopping abroad, going somewhere and turning up days later without knowing what happened, deciding from one second to the other to get a new tattoo… this girl became a mommy and with being a mommy comes a lot of responsibility!

But I tell you what:

Though this girl should know better, she REFUSES, YES  R.E.F.U.S.E.S  to grow up!

I WILL take my old life back! Maybe I don’t run as wild as I used to, but I will be rock ‘n roll again!

It is just a matter of time!



A happier vegan

I just finished the 4th season of “Nashville”.

While I watched the last few episodes online (in the UK it will be on telly later this year, I think), I came across a actress which I used to watch in a 90s series.

Back then I always thought, she looks so beautiful but when I have seen her now, I was a bit shocked about how old she looks now! I don’t want to say who it is, because I don’t want to offend her. She is still beautiful but looks in this show older than she actually is.

She looks tired and has puffy eyes and I wondered, if it has something to do with her life style or the way she eats or even if she is sick.

And I thought, do I want to look like that in 3 years time? Frightened. No, I don’t and the thought that I am on a vegan life style now, put me back at ease!

Then the very handsome Woody Harrelson came in my mind. And this lovely vegan individual person looks much younger than 55 and is practically glowing!

Sometimes you need a trigger to do the last step to get rid of bad habits! I found my trigger and am a bit happier now.

Though I still think, pizza is not the same without cheese but  that is fine with me now!


RT4 and why it isn’t for me

I have been on a raw til 4 diet before and have been for the past two month (I think).

I felt really good knowing how many good things I put into my body but the thing I did not like was the still full/big belly in the morning! Like a food-baby!

But that is not the reason why it doesn’t work for me.

I am not an active person in the evening! And when you have your main (warm) meal in the evening or in my case between 3 and 5pm and you don’t move much afterwards (exercise or being outdoors in any form) it is not high likely you loose weight.

I am like one of those Duracell bunnies. In the morning I work on high speed and do three million things at once but as the day goes on, my batteries start to run low.

Everybody who is familiar with RT4 says, the body needs to heal first to start the transformation. But I think my body didn’t need much healing as I have eaten very healthy already before going fully vegan. Plus I am very impatient as some of you already figured out!

So I decided to have my fruit and veg in the morning, midday something yummy warm if I please and for the evening veg and hummus or veggie soup.

Veg and hummus for my dinner. Yeah that will be great!!! My love handles will be gone in no time, I will jump sky high for joy!!!

Awww who am I kidding??? I will be in a foul mood for the next few weeks every evening until I get used to it!!! I just call it “a day” or even better “days” and repeat over and over again “love handles…. think of the love handles!!!”



A dream is just a dream

I am a bit fed up!

And I am sooooo tired (and even more), because Cash kept  my husband and me awake the whole night!

But the main reason why I am fed up is because of this wonderful dream I had before I just woke up:

I dreamed I have these incredible good looking hipbones which where very visibly poking out of my flesh (in a good way of course, not dripping with blood like spare ribs!)

And then I woke up and reality hit me, visible hipbones gone…

Maybe I should start the morning with something to eat!

Yes, that might be a good start!

Good weekend everyone (it is weekend, isn’t it? I always loose track of time when it is summer term)!