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Running Streaks & Mountain Hiking

Two weeks ago I started my running streak. Or my Monday to Friday running streak.

I get up every morning at 5:45am, usually accompanied by my husband who runs with me. By 6:15am latest we are out of the cottage and hit the trails.

At the current moment we take a rather easy route, considering we live in Scotland. It is a flat-ish 5 mile run and more for pace.

Twice per week right after my run I do weighted squats and push-ups. And I stretch during the day since I have nothing better to do.

At the weekends we go mountain hiking at least the once which are here in our 5 mile range. In one week I was up Ben Ledi twice and husband and me also made it to the top of Beinn Each, overlooking Stuc a ‘Chroin and the lochs in the distance.

As long I am still at home, not working, I want to make the most of it and get properly back into running (just now I supported Sportsshoes and Pete Bland Sports with orders each)!

When I was still living in Holland, the Dragons Back race popped up somehow on my laptop…and I knew, I want that, too! And guess what? Yesterday the very same race popped up again.

I see this as a sign! It is like it is calling to me (despite the hefty but probably justified entry fee). This is my goal for 2022! Since there are no races this year, my aim is to complete some tough mountain marathons, some ultras, lots of back to back running and mountain hiking next year in order to see where I stand ability wise.

I am so excited, I can’t think about anything else!

The only thing putting me down a bit is knowing I have to return to work eventually and therefor can’t run as much as I like…

But where’s a will is a way, right?! And even if I never run the Dragons Back ultra, it feels so good to get up and go for a run every day! I feel so much more productive and actually looking forward in going to bed early with a book (I read 15 since lock-down)!

But for now I keep on day dreaming about races and keep busy printing route descriptions for mountain routes for when we are finally aloud out again…


Mothers & Daughters

While I was eating my breakfast, contemplating whether I should go for a run with my stiff calf or not, I was watching my little daughter sitting opposite me.

She was playing all content with her little dolls. She does things like that for hours. Playing with her little toy dolls, drawing and creating things.

I was not like that when I was little. Yes, I would always ask for things like Barbies and pencils and so on and when I received them I also used the things. For a bit! No matter the item I pretty much lost interest very soon. As in hours! Which annoyed my parents as they didn’t want to waste money on me.

My children have no problem to play with each other all day long or play separately on their own. I on the other hand had a 6 years younger sister which had no use to me and playing on my own? It felt like a slow painful death!

I find it amazing when you think about your children and see how different they are to yourself or exactly like you: My older daughter is exactly like me! The attitude, the look, the mind. THE MIND! That is the only thing which keeps me from strangling her as she is the daily reminder of what I was like when I was her age. Ommmmmmmm.

When I think about my mother and me…. I still wonder to this day if I am really her biological child! Where I always wanted to live with my grandma and couldn’t wait until I was able to move out my children actually love it at home. They even tell me they love me, so all in all I am not doing too bad.


Kitty Is Pregnant

Finally, finally my sweet kitty Belle is pregnant! For month her mate tried. And nothing. Every two weeks she was in heat. Do you know how loud Siamese cats can be when they are in heat? Normal cats are pretty loud already, but she?! It’s deafening!!!

I think for at least 5 month Blue got his leg over- he was a very lucky furry guy! Now all he is is frustrated as now Belle is growling at him whenever he tries to mount her. Poor boy, but he will survive!

By the end of May or early June we should have sweet cute little Siamese. We already decided we will keep one of them, depending of how many there are.

But I can’t decide what colour. They will be either blue point which really looks like a mix of white and grey and seal point which is a mix of cream and dark brown. The older Siamese get the darker they turn and when they are born they are all white. Belle is a slim elegant seal point girl and Blue is a blue point chubby boy but his eyes… oh so big and deep blue! Both very affectionate, though Belle only likes to get stroked on her back when she comes to sit on your lap. Blue? He loves a full body massage 24/7!

As you can see, I can’t stop gushing and since I am such a nice person and have nothing better to do right now, I thought I let you all know!

If I wouldn’t find it cruel to breed cats non stop, I would supply all of north Scotland with Siamese. Firstly to keep the breed alive and strong and secondly to have a drop in the price as in average a Siamese costs around +£300,-. I always wonder why? Why do pedigree cats have to be more expansive than domestic house cats? Food, toys, vet- it’s all the same price! Insurance may vary but even that is not much higher. And if the purchase costs of pedigree cats would be lower or the same as domestic house cats, I believe the crime rate in regards to abductions would go down- why abduct a kitty when you can (finally) afford one yourself? You see: It would be a win-win situation!

 And here are my sweet kitties Blue and Belle aka Bluebell



Why Do You Use A Shopping List?!

When I do a bigger shopping I usually drive over to Stirling or Alloa as our little town, or “village” as I call it, has only a Co-op and Tesco Express. And since corona, stock is low and prices high as usual (both shops). So to make sure I get everything my belly craves, the bigger town(s) it is.

Yesterday I found myself in Aldi. Of course I keep my distance, my hands and trolley are sanitised. I am prepared, my shopping list in hand. I know what I need and so I queue near the meat isle. A lady is right at the front. I wait….and wait….and others start to wait as well as she also blocked the isle by standing right in the middle, staring at the meat-


Woman?!? You have the list in your hand! What possesses you to stand there, staring a hole in she shelve? I don’t understand! Did someone else write the list and you can’t read the handwriting? Have you forgotten to read all together? At least have the courtesy to let others pass!

I wonder: When you have a shopping list, what takes you so long?

All I wanted was to get my shopping done as swift as possible. In and out! But nooooo, there I stood, giving her the death stare, silently talking to myself, trying to convince myself that it is not and I repeat NOT, a good idea to run her over with my trolley, telling the judge later that is was an accident while actually thinking to myself that she had it coming and that it was karma!

Some people… no words.

But you will be happy to hear that I got my shopping done eventually and nobody, deserved or not, got hurt!

Stay save and happy wherever you are


I Love The Lock Down

Yes, I really, really do love the UK lock down!

I get to do all the things I am not able to do under normal circumstances.

I don’t have to rush to the shops for groceries after work, running on my last fumes.

I still wake up at 5:45am, sometimes I get up straight away, sometimes I stay in bed, check my emails, the weather and snoop around facebook.

I don’t need to time when I exercise as I have all morning.

I tidy up and even cook more than usual and I do the homework with my children.

I repainted my kitchen table as it was really chipped and didn’t look nice anymore. Now it is like new again.

I get to lay in my garden, soaking up the sun.

I get to watch Netflix and movies which I wanted to watch forever. Never mind my tv eyes!

I get to spend time with my children despite the fact that at some point they try to hide from me.

I get to go out for my runs. Though at the current moment I can’t as I pulled a muscle in my lower back doing weights. Instead I go for walks with the babies. One likes it, the other says it is/was his worst day ever!

I even did gardening with the help of my children! Yes, they complaint, but they did it anyway.

I already finished 4 books, almost 5!

There are so much things I can do now and I love it! I wished I don’t have to go back to work once the hotels are back open!

I don’t understand why some people complain! I use this time to recharge! Yes, it is really tempting to drive to, for example, to the beach. But hey ho, not allowed! And you know what? I couldn’t care less because it is for the greater good!

So instead of complaining, I just make the best of it.



Women’s Business Clothes

Today I was reading one of my 5 gossip magazines. Yes, occasionally… okay let me rephrase that: Once per month I feel the need to buy a couple of magazines (Cosmopolitan is a monthly must-have) to read about gossip, get the latest info about exercise and gadgets and health and look at eye watering expansive clothes I probably never be able to afford!

There you go!

So back to what I wanted to write about in the first place:

In “Grazia” was an Artikel about women’s business clothes from a lady which name I can’t remember. She is high in finance business but her wardrobe….. well…. how to put it to not offend the good lady which I reckon is in her late 40s…. hmmmm…..

Dull? Boring? Frumpy? Probably all together!

Okay, she works in finance and you should look the part, but the way she wore the clothes made her at least 10 years older. I found it boring and am sure I am not the only one.

What would I give to see her in a Fred Perry dress, ha ha ha. Or in this beautiful pink long floaty Me&Em dress (I am waiting desperately for a reduction as I don’t want to cough up £350,- but it is so so pretty, you look like a big yummy candy).

No really! I think if we wouldn’t take us all so serious, even in such a demanding job, we would be more open minded when it comes to appearance.

There, said it all.


We Haven’t Even Met

I can barely catch my breath
Feeling your hands all over my body 
Scorching me
Leaving me wanting more
Without knowing it
You give into me 
Your resistance melts away 
And your reckless mouth can’t get enough of my lips
Holding onto you is letting go of sorrow
We haven’t even met 

Being High Maintenance

Recently I came across a blog where the person found it offensive to be called

“High Maintenance”.

I freely admit that I am a high maintenance sort of woman. And why not? There is nothing wrong with that, if you ask me.

When you google high maintenance it will show you the following:

A high maintenance person will require a lot of attention, time, money and/or effort!

Of course a person like me requires a lot attention. The key here is the right kind of attention in a specific time frame. If I call you, and you must be special in order for me to do so, pick up- after the first ring, please! When I am about to meet you, do yourself a favour, hang on to your life and be on time!!! When I want to go for a run, do join me, it will be fun- at least for me and that is the most important thing, right?!

And yes, I do invest in my body first. I like to look nice! And you like it when I do, right?

I shave, plug, trim, exfoliate and pamper myself with the best tools and ingredients on the market. Why? Because I can! Because I want to!

And if you want to brighten my day, show up with a single flower (I prefer sunflowers), a bottle of whiskey and polished shoes. Thank you very much and yes, that is necessary!

You might not be able to give what I desire? “Heck, where there’s a way, there’s a will”, she says, pouting.

You want to stay in my life long-term? Darling the answer is as easy as breathing:

All I want for you is to reach for the brightest star on a clear night and serve it to me on a silver plate! I won’t settle for less! And once I got that star, there is no stopping me- I always aim for more. Of course I do!

What you get in return?!?

The best wicked person I can possibly be! Friend or foe- you will love me!


My Husband

I have to announce something.

I have to give some big credit to my husband for still loving me!

A while ago we had a big talk about what is going not so well in our relationship and what made me so unhappy.

All relationships, especially long term relationships have their ups and downs and with a bit of luck couples will make it through- together.

I told and asked my husband to be a bit more open minded when it comes to other guys and said that I wouldn’t have a problem if he would kiss another woman.

Now my husband does not want to share me! Of course not! I am awesome! I am a great catch and unique in all my  little odd ways!

After such revelation, many a man would probably have showed me the door, thinking that I don’t love him. But love has nothing to do with the idea to maybe kiss another man/woman, it is the fun side that comes with it….

However. Like I said, my husband said “no” and I am sticking to it.

My point is:

Though I know that it is very easy to fall in love with me, it is also very hard to keep loving me because of the way I am, the way I (re-)act, the (sometimes hurtful) things I say and because of my selfishness!

But the man I have keeps on loving me despite all the above!

So, here I raise a glass to you:

I love you too!