My Daughter Hates Me…

Yeah it’s right, she hates me right now! She does every time she doesn’t get what she wants.

If there is an occasion, she throws a tantrum and if that doesn’t work, she plays the guilt card… if that doesn’t work she lists all the bad things I may or may not have done, the things I said which she took personal and how bad of a mother overall I am!

But this time, this time ladies and gentlemen, she took it to a whole new level!!!

Let me start from the beginning:

The biological father left us when the now old babies where 3 and 1 1/2 years old which was a real blessing!

During the years he went from seeing the children once per week/every second weekend to once per year! I didn’t even tell them when he was supposed to pick them up as often he would just cancel.

During visiting periods their biological dad would never phone, write or email! I asked him to put more effort in as one day the children would not want to have anything to do with him.

Which was the case! My daughter refused for years to meet him. He even blamed her for being depressed!

He has given me so much grief, has not paid child support for a couple of years and always blames others for whatever goes wrong in his life! But despite our difficulties I always thought, that the children have to make up their own mind and decide whether they want to see him or not. I gave them the choice. I didn’t want to take that from them.

Now that I moved out, my darling daughter insists that I have to give her the child support money as she is entitled to it! She claimed she needed it for her college course next year. Which is bullshit as she would not save it whatsoever!

When I refused, explaining to her that I still contribute to the household even though I am not physically there, she contacted her “real” dad, asking for the money to be transferred to her dads (darling ex) account instead of mine!

I even told her, that her dad needs the money for food, water and whatever she needs for school, clothing…. and that there might not be much left for her.

And do you know what she said???

“That is okay!”

This is just a power thing!

Of course the biological dad gladly transferred the money to darling ex, not replying to my emails asking for the outstanding 14.000€ child support he still owes me!

I usually don’t bad mouth someone (the biological dad) who is not here to defend themselves. But believe me, in this case…. oh in this case….

I just say it as it is:

Once an asshole, always an asshole!!!


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