The Stigmata Of Single Mothers

I don’t know why this is still a common thing:

Single mothers… single mothers who try to find happiness in a new relationship. Often I heard things like:

She just wants to find a new father for her kids and to be taken care of…. the poor new guy has to play father figure and pay for everything……

It is no wonder why so many women stay because they believe, no sane, good man would ever want her. I know women who where scared to end a relationship because of that exact thing.

But if it was the other way around and there is a single father, raising his children alone, all you hear is:

What a good man, doing it all alone.

I bet no one would say when he is in a new relationship that he just wants to be secure!

I see it this way:

If a man does not want you, it has nothing to do with your children! It’s more that he doesn’t love you!

A man who loves you, really loves you, loves everything about you including your children. The question wouldn’t even arise, if her motives are genuine or if she is just after security and money!

And even if a single mother does not find a new relationship, I believe it is better to be alone and enjoy your children than in a miserable one!


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