This year’s halloween wasn’t what I would have expected.

For 19 years I have been celebrating it with my children. This year however I didn’t get to spend my favourite day of the year with them.

My older ones do their own thing and the little ones had plans with their dad already…

I celebrated it with one laughing and one crying eye.

One crying eye because I miss my babies so much and the routine we had is gone.

On all hallows eve, or halloween, we would decorate the house inside and out, put the carved pumpkins with candles outside the door, put candles in all windows and the kids would go trick or treating. Now trick or treating wasn’t going to happen anyway, but there was no decoration, no sweeties and watching “Hokus Pokus” with the little ones…

And one laughing eye because I knew that this is the only day where the dead can cross the border to come back and spend time with us. That is the only day I get to spend time with my grandparents. I know you will think I am cuckoo, but I strongly believe in this!

But the good thing is, there is always a next halloween!


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