I Don’t Like Sunny Days

Today I found myself in a park in Perth, walking my man’s dog. It was a beautiful sunny day in good old Scotland. Blue sky, next to no wind and mild.

And I looked gorgeous! For those who would like a specified description of my todays look, here you go:

Curly brown chin length mop of hair, black knee length wool Fred Perry dress, knee length socks that says “never grow up” from Oilily, black leather ankle boots from Vivobarefoot, knee length checkered wool coat from Me&Em with matching knee length scarf and blue and red Mulberry leather, over the shoulder handbag. E voila!

So while I was walking the dog, or rather the dog walking me as she only listens at her convenience, I was loudly sighing my heart out.

I just couldn’t enjoy the day! Why? Because I was alone!

And that is the thing:

Ever since I was a little child, I could not keep myself busy for a longer period of time. I get so, so, bored.

It doesn’t matter what I try to do:

From walking the dog, excising or shopping-

The whole time I am thinking “I wished someone would keep me company”.

I know, I know, pathetic. But that’s what it is.

I am spoiled and high maintenance.

Lucky me I am back home now, the tea is cooking on the stove and my other half is coming home soon.

Tomorrow will be another, more exciting day!


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