Every Relationship Is Different

I don’t know how you handle a new relationship but for me, every relationship is different.

I… act different in every relationship. What I mean is, I don’t make the same mistakes I did before because I want things to work out!

When I was younger, I was very jealous. Now I just think to myself:

If he loves me, he will stay and if he doesn’t he was not worth my time and attention!

I don’t try to change my partner. I fell in love with him for the way he is! And if you really can’t live with the way he/she is, ask yourself if you truly love that person.

I don’t hold grudges. I let go of that habit a loooong time ago. Talk it over, fix whatever bothers you and forget about it. Live in the now, look forward to the future and don’t look back, that’s what I do!

But what is most important to me, is not taking things too serious and see the glass half full!

The above are just a few examples. I made so many mistakes, too many to count. But that is okay!

We are all looking for THE ONE whether we like to admit it or not. Making mistakes in relationships is normal. thats how we learn and make it better next time. If there is a next time.

But sometimes, sometimes we do all the right things and there is no need to move on and that’s when it is love.


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