Comfortable Silence

I have been with my new, beautiful, hot man for a couple of weeks now and everything is perfectly fine.

One more week to go and I am moving to his for good. Every now and again I moved some of my possessions over…

We do things like every other couple. From being lazy all day long watching Netflix to meeting family and of course, spending lots of time in bed as we are on holiday at the current moment.

We are so comfortable with each other that we don’t need to talk non stop which I find quite relaxing for the mind.

It’s what I call comfortable silence. Being with each other, not saying a word without feeling awkward.

That’s nice.

I don’t feel the pressure searching for a topic to talk about. I just look at him all goofy with my pink glasses on and everything is alright.

You guessed it, we are of course still in our honey moon period and I couldn’t be happier.

In a weeks time I am going to move in and start my new job right away which is all very exciting.

My new sexy-legs-hot-man asked me yesterday when we where on our way back from the Isle of Skye, if I was sure I really wanted to do this as he does not want me to regret my choice.

Baby, in case you read this:

Of course I am 100% certain this is what I want because you are what I need! I don’t care about a fancy big house and posh cars and expensive clothes as long as you are by my side, all is good. All is as it should be!!!


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