When Your Work Environment Is A Gossiping Family

I recently quit my job without having a new one. Ops, I did it again. But I have a very good reason for it:

I chose love over work and will move up further north and am already on it in regards to find a new job.

Would I have stayed at my current job, I would have been offered a promotion once my supervisor would have left (she, too is looking for new employment).

Now here comes the crux:

A while ago I told my colleague that I made it very clear when I started that I want to be promoted to a better position. But after more than 6 month nothing has happened and I felt that I did not get the attention and training I should have.

She must have told my boss as he approached me today, saying that if I would (have) stay(ed), he would keep on training me once my colleague leaves.

I guess when you are such a tight knit team as we are, everyone knows everything. Chatterboxes is all I say.

Still, I am leaving! He should have done more to keep me.

Well, should have, could have, would have…



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