Month: October 2020

Your First Love Is The Greatest?!

It is said that apparently your first love is the greatest. But if your first love is the greatest, why does it not last (in most cases)?

I like to believe the greatest love is the one you stay and grow old with. Someone you genuinely love and can’t imagine your life without him or her.

Like all/many of us I met my first love at a very young age. Of course it didn’t last which proves that he wasn’t my greatest love!

Many times before I had crushes and every now and again even huge crushes. And yes I even got married as at the time it felt right. But never have I believed in love at first sight or the term “soulmate”….

….until now!

From the first time I saw his pictures on his profile to the first hug and kiss, I just knew!


I never felt this way before.

Everything feels right, everything is easy going! And the most important thing to me, I can be as wild and free and geeky as I want and don’t feel restricted in any way.

I love everything about him and I wouldn’t change a single thing!

I want to grow old with him and turn into raisins, racing each other in our wheelchairs- possibly in snail pace!

That, my friends, is called “greatest love”!

Isn’t it awesome to be in your very own love bubble?!


Moving House Without The Babies

This month I am going to move house. I am going a bit further north. I am moving in with my new man. Yes, we are going full speed! But do you know what? Why wait when you know this is what you want and this is right?! If you want something, take it! You are only young once and as for me, I don’t want to cry after missed opportunities!

But now here comes the crux:

For now I am going to move without my babies. But this was not entirely my decision. Darling ex wants the little ones to finish their school year before moving. We included them in the decision, asking them what they want.

And with everything new and confusing for them, they want to stay here for now as well. The big ones didn’t want to leave anyway. And to be fair, they are grown up despite their still young age. They do their own decisions. Myself as well as their dad did a pretty good job bringing them up. They don’t need us anymore. They are clever enough to know whats write and whats wrong and what they want from life!

Now, from many sides I got shouted at, that I am leaving my children behind… I am abandoning my children for a new boyfriend…

I tried to explain, that when parents split up it has a big impact on children and I tried to make people understand that it is better for them to stay at their home with their siblings and their father, surrounded by friends for now… but all I hear is:

But they are your children!!! You could have stayed in the same town…

Yes, I know they are mine. I gave birth to them, I raised them! And no, I could not have stayed in the same town as this is a tourist town which means, no jobs with at least a half way decent wage!!! But if said shouting people like to pay my bills for me, sure, I consider staying. That, my friends, is called sarcasm!!!

People find it difficult to understand that a father has the same rights as a mother. So I ask you, where is the difference about a mother going away with her children or a father taking the children?!

I think it would be more harmful if I rip the children out of their environment, away from siblings, father and friends without warning!

This way I can sort out my new position, have some time to look for a nice house for all of us and let the children get used to the idea of moving. And not to forget let their dad get used to the idea to not be around them as often anymore.

I just hope that in the end they really want to move in with me… and if not??? It would make me incredibly sad but in the end it counts what my children want and not what I need!

I’ve been known for being unconventional… what ever life throws in my way, I will make the best of it!


When Your Work Environment Is A Gossiping Family

I recently quit my job without having a new one. Ops, I did it again. But I have a very good reason for it:

I chose love over work and will move up further north and am already on it in regards to find a new job.

Would I have stayed at my current job, I would have been offered a promotion once my supervisor would have left (she, too is looking for new employment).

Now here comes the crux:

A while ago I told my colleague that I made it very clear when I started that I want to be promoted to a better position. But after more than 6 month nothing has happened and I felt that I did not get the attention and training I should have.

She must have told my boss as he approached me today, saying that if I would (have) stay(ed), he would keep on training me once my colleague leaves.

I guess when you are such a tight knit team as we are, everyone knows everything. Chatterboxes is all I say.

Still, I am leaving! He should have done more to keep me.

Well, should have, could have, would have…