Thank You- I Don’t Need Your Opinion!!!

At the current moment I seem to be the black sheep of the family. Nothing new to me! Have been there many times and as it seems will be for the rest of my life.

Whiiiiiich is okay, as I don’t give a flying poop!

The only thing that annoys me is, if you brand me the black sheep, please stick to the facts, will you?!

The latest anecdote is as follows:

My cousin sends me a seemingly innocent message on WhatsApp. Saying “…I heard something through the grapevine…”

I had to defend my actions in regards to my children. Whenever I tried to tell her the facts, she would go, “but…”

And who do you think caused all the commotion in the first place?! Of course! MY MOTHER! Mrs I always stick my nose in other people’s businesses!!!

To keep a long story of arguing back and forth via WhatsApp short:

A good piece of advise:

If you don’t know the facts and even better: if you are not in someones else shoes, do not accuse the other person of wrongdoing!!!

It’s like telling a mother how to raise her children when you yourself don’t even have any!!! Pointless and absolutely unnecessary!

As for my cousin and me, the situation heated to a boiling degree and neither of us might talk to each other for quite some time!

Yes, I like to be immature on this occasion, just because I can!!!


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