Be Happy For Your Ex

A break up is never a nice occasion but sometimes not avoidable.

When I broke up with someone, I always tried to remain friendly and when someone broke up with me (yes, that happened, can’t even believe it myself), I tried to swallow my pride for being dumped and put on a brave face.

The brave face always turned into a “genuine” face as I never cried long after an ex who didn’t deserve me in the first place, otherwise he would have stayed!

However. Lets get back to when I got dumped and saw my ex with someone new. I never held grudges and thought them all the best. Okay, I admit it, of course I thought to myself, that I am so much better looking… but that’s it, I swear!

Never ever would I have tried to tear them apart by for example, weaselling my way back into his life or even worse spread lies. I think to do that is very low!

Plus there is the thing with karma. It will come for you and it might hit you harder than expected, so do avoid it, behave, swallow biting remarks and hope for the best!

That’s what you should do when you break up: Try to stay civil. Unless you are a teenager. In that case you are excused!


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