It Was Completely Unexpected!!!

As you know from a previous post, I mentioned that I joined a dating website, or rather 3 shall I say. The first one was, at it turned out, for much older singles, the second very dodgy and the last one quite decent. I deleted the two first ones for obvious reasons: I didn’t have anything in common with much older guys and I also am not the type to just go meet a complete stranger for sex!

I wasn’t even looking for someone, just wanted to know what is out there. I had lots of messages and indecent pictures.

But one message stuck out. The message, though I can’t even remember the specifics, was so innocent, sweet and nice and I looked up his profile…

His was the only message I replied to. We got talking and two days later (I think), he phoned me. His voice, oh his voice…. it instantly calmed me down and we where talking for ages. It came naturally and was so easy.

We knew we wanted to meet, so we chose a day and time.
And I know it sounds crazy, but even before I met him in real, I knew I won’t go back to that dating website. Or any for that matter! There was something about him….

I couldn’t think about anything but to finally meet him and when I did and he hugged me, everything that was wrong, all my worries where gone and it was like coming home. HE felt like home.

And when he kissed me, my heart stopped and my brain couldn’t comprehend a single thought!

When I left that day to drive “home”, home didn’t feel like home anymore as I left my heart behind.

I am so smitten, I am head over heels!

Who would have thought?!


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