Dating Websites

I am a very curious person. I love to have a good laugh with my friends. I love to flirt even more, throw in a bit of dirty talk and the day is perfect! Like earlier at work:

*still giggling*: My colleague tripped and fell down in the bathroom, almost covering me (already on the floor), while I tried to catch her. So me, being me, said to her: “I know I am hot, but you don’t need to throw yourself on me like that!” Yeah, innocent flirty dirty talk…

What wasn’t innocent where the pictures I received earlier on a dating website. Naive me thought it is just a dating website, not an instant hook up website!

I put myself on two websites to see what is on the market. Not because I want a new relationship. More because I like to talk to people, maybe even meet for a run, swim, hike, cinema or whatever the situation, without any plans for sex or expectations.

The first one was for single parents as I thought a parent knows what the day and life in general is with a child. So far so good. So there are lots of single parents, but why on earth are there 70 something single guys?!? Surely your children have long moved out! You shouldn’t be on such a website! I thought this is a website for parents who’s children are still at home and actual children, as in at least under 20!!!

And why the heck does a 77 year old guy think, I would go on a date with him??? No offence in regards to the age, but what would we possibly have in common that you think you are my match?!

I might sound shallow now, but I was wondering where the good looking guys are hiding? Probably on something like tinder! So I googled another website. I thought it would be nice to get in touch with other tattooed people, so I googled tattooed singles and something came up.

Oh dear Gods! This is a proper f*cking website. You put any, seriously ANY detail about yourself on your profile. What you look like, hight, body built, if you are pierced, shaved, what sort of sex you like and pictures. NAKED pictures which are blacked out but able to view once you click on it!

And believe me, I clicked!!! Curiosity got the better of me! And I shouldn’t have! Most where like a bad accident you just can’t get out of your head! Once in particular stuck: A 71 year old guy in baby blue suspenders and matching lacy underwear with erect dripping penis…oooooh boy. I mean, I said it before and say it again, I don’t mind a guy in a bit of woman’s clothes every now and again. But THAT?! That looked so wrong…in every way!

Today I received around 100 messages. Many straight to the point, many just a cock picture, some with an at least half way decent attempt of a conversation. Oh and not to forget the “winks”. Why? Can’t one say “hi”?

So I went through all those messages, pictures and winks. I deleted them all but one who doesn’t live too far away. We had a nice conversation and in the end he was very interested in getting it on. But what can I say?! It just didn’t click. At least not on my side. So I told and deleted him as well.

To be honest I was looking forward to meeting someone else, again without any expectations, but that very person does not seem to be interested in seeing me as there is next to no effort from his side. That might also be a reason why I wasn’t interested in any of the guys on above mentioned dating side…

This is a weird world we are living in and I don’t think dating sides will ever be my thing.


One thought on “Dating Websites

  1. I remember using dating sites as a way of stopping meeting random women in nightclubs and realising I had nothing in common with them. What I found was more than a decade ago was that those people I contacted (or was contacted by) felt that I’d read a profile, responded to it, written some gumph about myself and made an effort. Without generalising too much we seem to have two extremes now, those who are a bit too puritanical and those for who pictures of their bits of bobs are all the introduction they need. If I were single again I’d feel like an anachronism – romantic occasionally, always flirty and sometimes serious! I feel for you as you trawl through the treacle of dating in the modern age, good luck

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