Penis Pictures

The other night. It is around 1am. My bestie sends me a text with a picture. A guy she met online month ago and was chatting with back then, send her a naked full on penis picture!

She then sends it to me, asking a pained “why?”. I tell her to ask him what you are supposed to do with it, so she did. The guy’s answer: “Oh it wasn’t meant to be for you”.

Yes, riiiiight. Wenn a woman shows no signs of interest, it wasn’t meant to be for her.

To be honest, I wasn’t impressed either! If I was him, I would have chosen a nicer and more important, tidier background. Also after closer inspection of his, what he thinks, best part, I must say his penis looks like a long branch with dips down somewhere in the middle despite the fact that “it” was erect!

My bestie told me it happens often that she is talking to guys she meets online, everything is nice and bam, out of the blue she gets hit with a cock picture!

And I wonder:

Why do men do that? Do they really think, that is the right way to charm themselves into a woman knickers???

Or are they aware of the fact that their intellect is that low that they have to compensate with a penis picture? I mean it is a totally different thing when you are in a relationship. I’d like to believe we all send some naughty pictures somewhen in the past. I certainly did, would never ever if it wasn’t my man!


If my bestie gets those pictures on a regular basis, does she save them in a folder and if so, does she plan on creating a collage and publish it online with the caption “How Not To Get A Woman!”?

I shall ask her.


3 thoughts on “Penis Pictures

  1. I have a friend who has a servers worth of penis pictures (I hope mines not there… but you never know) – I think you probably just take it at face value. I once had a woman describe in great detail over msn messenger (showing my age) what she intended to do to me but her descriptions were so one dimensional that I begged her to get a dictionary. The penis pic surely is the ultimate sign of a lack of imagination


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