How I Start My Morning

Every day my Lumie clock wakes me at 5:45am sharp. I turn off the sounds which resembles a very loud river. Then I reach for my mobile, check the weather, my emails and message and my bank balance.

I get up pretty much straight away, go in the kitchen and turn on the radio, searching for a good song and turn up the volume.

Depending on weather I go running or exercise at home, I eat a banana (for the run) or train on empty stomach, doing a mix of single leg deadlifts, weighted squats, yoga and stretching, sometimes I also throw in some kettlebell moves.

I have time till 8am latest, than I have to shower, pack food for work and off I go. Somewhere in-between I tidy up and cook.

I am a morning person, but through all the above, I do not really like to talk in the morning and am rather grumpy.

Right now I am still in my nighty, mentally getting ready for exercise. But I am still quite tired from medication I took last night…

Better not waste my day off and get going.



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