Scottish Country Roads

Let me tell you something about Scottish country roads:

Our roads are cute, cozy, narrow roads. Everyone who lives in Scotland knows that. We, who live here, know that when it is wet, you just slow down a bit. Same applies when you take a road you are not that familiar with. If another car comes from the opposite direction, we also slow down a bit. If a big truck squeezes itself through. We just stop, because, yes you guessed it, we are pooooliiiite!

Now, it is summer time. It is tourist time. Most tourists come from down south. That’s great! We love to have you up here. And hopefully the following does not offend you but let me tell you something very important:

When you come up and you are not used to our cute, cozy, narrow roads, just slow down a bit. A BIT, I said. Not 20+ miles beyond the tempo limit!!! And if you can’t get your teeth out of your steering wheel because you are about to wee yourself, pull over and let us, who know the roads, pass by! Don’t be a hindrance, that would be great.

Also: Under no circumstance, I repeat: Under no circumstance should you gesticulate to someone to move over, when you are already on their side of the road! Oh no, do not do that!  You might think you do, but in fact, you do not drive a tank!!!

Oh, nearly forgot: You also don’t have to break every single time just because you hit a corner. I am sure you foot is not glued to the pedal, so just take if off for a few seconds (works wonders) The constant flashing of your break lights is like teasing a bull! And we don’t want that, right?!

Thanks for listening. Much appreciated!


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