New Level Of Stupidity

The other day at work. Please picture the following:

The task: Put a twin bed back together to a double bed and get it ready.

To do so, you would push the two beds back together, lock it at the bottom and also zip it in the middle to prevent it from sliding apart. Followed by bedding.

One girl who was assigned to the task, pushed the bed together, didn’t lock or zip it, put a double sheet on with the mattress topper half way out at the end. She then takes a double duvet cover and puts in a single (!!!) duvet, puts it on top of the bed, still with the mattress topper hanging out at the end to the floor. Pillows on top.

I don’t know how that is possible but ladies and gentlemen,

a new level of stupidity has been reached! Please, someone let it rain brains!!!


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