Tested My Own Theory

A while ago I wrote a post about crying and why it does nothing to you.

So there I was,  more or less three weeks ago, testing my own theory.

And I was NOT a willing participate, I might ad!

But unfortunately my flood gates thought otherwise. I was literally crying my eyes out, bawling and hugging my whiskey bottle.

I cried when it happened on my way to work, during work, on my way back home (fortunately no one saw my sorry state) and finally at home in bed.

I cried for days… many, many days. Every time I thought I was getting better, something set me off and I had difficulties to swallow my hot tears back down.

Do I still cry? No! I feel numb and sad.

The result is still as it was in my actual post:

Crying does nothing to you! And it certainly does not make you feel better!!!

Quite the opposite actually: All it does, it exhausts you and makes you look like a fat ugly toad!

But apparently sometimes it can’t be helped!

Still proud that my theory is right, though (clapping myself on the shoulder)!


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