Month: August 2020

Ideal Day After Work

My ideal day after work looks like this:

Often I come home from work late. I bash through the door growl at everyone, waiting for my dinner to be served, whinging why the house is a mess…

Straight after dinner I jump under the shower and freshly polished right into my pyjama! I grab my kindle or an actual book (“Porno” by Irvine Welsh will be next), turn on the radio in the kitchen (right now it is The Teskey Brothers) and snuggle into bed. Sometimes accompanied by a glass of whiskey.

Sigh… what a bliss…

Have a good week everyone


Ghosts In The Morning

That’s what you look like at around 5 in the morning

Like ghosts… wild hair, not fully dressed and still half asleep- off at 5:30am for a morning run with darling-ex!

Forward 1 1/2 hours later, I am sitting here, freshly showered, exfoliated, creamed and polished, perfumed and ready for work, “Footloose” soundtrack on full blast on the radio!

Good morning and have a great weekend everyone!


Accusations Of A Cat

This is my lovely cat Belle. She is the queen of the house:

Now for those who don’t speak cat, let me translate what she is communicating here:

Belle: You are not a very nice human, in fact, I might reconsider, having you for my mum!

Me: Why? What is wrong??? What did I do?

Belle: *fuming* You bought the wrong cat food! On purpose!!! I am not amused and will be on strike for as long as it takes!

Me: But there are around 15 packets of very good frozen cat food in the freezer, which cost a lot! What am I supposed to do with it?!

Belle: *hissing* If it is so good, why don’t you eat it?!

This is the life of a cat person!


The Reason My Marriage Failed

Some of you might have read in a previous post, that I ended my marriage for good. The biggest problem my husband had… wait a bit… my husband doesn’t seem to be appropriate anymore. What shall I refer him to? Ex husband? Ex? Darling ex? I think I will refer to him as darling ex, as we are still on good terms and don’t hate each other! Okay, now back to the actual topic:

What darling ex couldn’t live with, was me being quite flirty. I told him over and over again, that flirting to me is nothing but hot air and banter between two people. I even flirt with women without thinking anything sexual, it is just fun. Let me give you an example:

The other day I walked up to a colleague. He said: What do you want? I replied: Nothing but your hot body, but a big pack of toilet paper will do for now! He: And here I am thinking you want me, but toilet paper seems more important. Me: Well, you can’t have everything!

See? Just two people having a giggle!

And come on, this is Scotland, this is the UK! This is the land of charming gentlemen and women of all ages and sizes!

But I think, I wasn’t the main reason for jealousy here. It was rather the fact that he was cheated on before he met me. I know things like that sting, but only because you got mistreated before, doesn’t mean, that the next person is the same. Or that the cheating person cheats again. It just wasn’t meant to be, the paring was not right.

If I was really into each and every person I have flirted with, I would be more famous than Giacomo Casanova!!! Maybe I should make my flirtations a reputable business! I would be a millionaire by the end of the year! Ha, what am I thinking?! A multi millionaire! And when I really like someone, like I-Want-To-Get-Into-Your-Boxers-Like, believe me, I make that very clear! There are no doubts about this!

There where other little things, like me being extremely spontaneous, me leaving the house without notice, and me not wanting to change my ways. Probably a 1000 other annoying things, who counts?!

What I couldn’t live with anymore was him, and that is how I perceived him even though he doesn’t, was that he was extremely controlling and jealous. He would log into my accounts like facebook, WhatsApp and I don’t know what else, snooping around, contacting people and threatening them, followed by interrogating me, what I am doing, who I am with, who I am talking to on the phone, who I am texting with, why I am not home from work, yet. That was, when he was triggered or felt threatened by someone.

The next thing from my perspective of view was, that he would come up with things, we already discussed, things that are in the past. Over and over again. Like a broken record. Or that he would talk forever to “sort things out”. I am not a person who likes to talk about her feelings. Just.Don’t.Do.It! I also might be one of the view women who when talked about something that bothers me, I will not bring it up again. I am like Dory- 2 seconds later I have forgotten all about it. And I hate to repeat myself. So why do it over and over again?! I didn’t have any new answers!

Yeah, we both promised to change. But we all know that people don’t change. Not really. Something, somewhen will come up, a trigger and bam, here we go again.

And though I might end up alone and dead one day, maybe even eaten by my desperate, starving cats (who of course will feel awful feasting on me) because no-one checked on me, ending it was the right decision.

In the end I felt like I have to censor my every move, everything I said. And this is so not me. Everyone who knows me, knows I always speak my mind. Now I feel much better. The pressure of trying to be a wife is gone, some weight is lifted off my shoulders. And anyway:

We are still young and hell, we are good looking! Someone will take pity on us and/or crazy enough to put up with all our beautiful flaws!


Easing Back Into Running

In recent weeks I did next to no running due to loosing two very important people in my life. One who decided to not have contact with me anymore, which hit me pretty hard. The other one, the decision to separate from my husband for good. Again, not a nice feeling at all.

But this morning I decided I can’t just be hanging around, waiting for life to get better.

And the best solution (for me) is to go running.

So this is what I did:

Prepping my heels with plaster to break in my new Inov8 XTalon.


Aren’t they pretty?!?

When I say “I ease myself into running”, it means, I choose to run the Bracklin Falls circular route in reverse which is a nice 13km run, starting from my cottage.

The cycle track is pretty much right behind my humble abode. So off I run, passing the back of Keltie Bridge caravan park and up the trails which eventually joins the path to the waterfall. But instead of turning down to the waterfall, I run towards the car park and up the road towards Bralaeny Farm…. I like to run it in reverse because once you hit the highest point it’s all downhill and the faster the better and having my new Inov8’s which have amazing grip, I am really fast!

Today’s weather however, was a whole different story! When I got up at 5:45am, it was still dry and I thought “jackpot”. But then I was diddle daddling around and when I was about to leave almost 40 minutes later it was already pouring down. But hey, I didn’t want to waste my plaster, which, by the way, came loose during the run anyway, and I was already in my running gear. So, “Stormshell” on, hood up and off I went…

Halfway during the run, I had to pull the hood down as it always irritates me, that my hearing is compromised and because I was already extremely warm, I didn’t mind the wind and rain whipping me around the head.

What I did mind though, was the fact that even though I was running downhill (still on the road) it didn’t feel like it as the wind tried to blow me back. When this happens I get angry and push even harder!

Also before I even saw them, I heard them: COWS near the road on the field. Cows are very big individuals, I however am a petite person. They might eat me for breakfast. But fortunately all I got where bored curious looks and they kept on their side.

It wasn’t a cozy run, I can tell you:

But despite the fact I haven’t been out and about, my level of fitness was still satisfying enough and so I still made it in 1 hour 15 minutes. I think I speed walked twice where I normally wouldn’t due to uneven breathing and therefor pain under my clavicle. But that is okay, the first run after a while always feels a bit tougher!

And last:

Me, freshly showered, hiding behind a mop of wild hair, no make and uncensored!


It Is My Fault

My marriage failed and though I ended it, it is totally my fault!

When I met my husband, he was a happy and carefree guy, but over the years I made him really miserable…despite the fact he says it was the best years of his life!

We know what went wrong along the way, we tried to fix it. Believe me, we tried so many times and for a while it would be all okay but than it would start all over again and in the end I couldn’t take it anymore.

My feelings are so far gone, they will never come back and so I broke my husbands heart and quit. I am usually not a quitter! I fight till the very end. But unfortunately there is nothing left to fight for.

And it really pains me to see him so sad, but I can’t pretend to be someone I am not. I just can’t as it would feel like a lie and I don’t lie and he doesn’t deserve to be lied at.

Of course I still feel affection for him and want us to be a family and do things together. Just not on a romantic level or couple level.

Nobody except our two older children knows, yet. I might just tell the whole world here on my blog, but no one in my family or friends read my blog…. We didn’t tell the little ones because we still get along very well and live under one roof. And we don’t want to put them through the pain.

And when someone separates, gets divorced, splits up, it is never a happy occasion you want to shout from the rooftops…

Yes, sooner or later we will tell, but for now we wait until everything smoothes over a bit. And yes, sooner or later I will move out with the little babies as my husband pays the mortgage and so of course he will keep the house and that is okay!

Once again I have been selfish. I put myself, my happiness, first and in the long run probably made everyone unhappy, but it felt like I couldn’t breath anymore.

All I know is that I will be a far more better friend to my husband than a wife. I know it is not what he wants, but he will realise it will be what he needs! He knows what I am like with my friends, I do most anything for them!

He puts on a brave face most of the time, but I know he isn’t in a good place and I want to kick myself in the backside for not warning him when we met.

It is so easy to fall in love with me! But what you really need is a very thick skin and tons, tons and tons of patience! I guess I am just too wild, or call it immature, it is what it is.

I didn’t make any future plans, yet. I just want all of us to be happy as a family.

My husband is not to blame here. Yes, I accused him of being way to jealous and controlling, but would I have given him the attention he so badly needed he wouldn’t have behaved the way he did. So this is on me!

He is a great guy and though he doesn’t want to hear anything about it, one day he will meet a great woman who deserves nothing but the best- and that is him!


How I Start My Morning

Every day my Lumie clock wakes me at 5:45am sharp. I turn off the sounds which resembles a very loud river. Then I reach for my mobile, check the weather, my emails and message and my bank balance.

I get up pretty much straight away, go in the kitchen and turn on the radio, searching for a good song and turn up the volume.

Depending on weather I go running or exercise at home, I eat a banana (for the run) or train on empty stomach, doing a mix of single leg deadlifts, weighted squats, yoga and stretching, sometimes I also throw in some kettlebell moves.

I have time till 8am latest, than I have to shower, pack food for work and off I go. Somewhere in-between I tidy up and cook.

I am a morning person, but through all the above, I do not really like to talk in the morning and am rather grumpy.

Right now I am still in my nighty, mentally getting ready for exercise. But I am still quite tired from medication I took last night…

Better not waste my day off and get going.



Scottish Country Roads

Let me tell you something about Scottish country roads:

Our roads are cute, cozy, narrow roads. Everyone who lives in Scotland knows that. We, who live here, know that when it is wet, you just slow down a bit. Same applies when you take a road you are not that familiar with. If another car comes from the opposite direction, we also slow down a bit. If a big truck squeezes itself through. We just stop, because, yes you guessed it, we are pooooliiiite!

Now, it is summer time. It is tourist time. Most tourists come from down south. That’s great! We love to have you up here. And hopefully the following does not offend you but let me tell you something very important:

When you come up and you are not used to our cute, cozy, narrow roads, just slow down a bit. A BIT, I said. Not 20+ miles beyond the tempo limit!!! And if you can’t get your teeth out of your steering wheel because you are about to wee yourself, pull over and let us, who know the roads, pass by! Don’t be a hindrance, that would be great.

Also: Under no circumstance, I repeat: Under no circumstance should you gesticulate to someone to move over, when you are already on their side of the road! Oh no, do not do that!  You might think you do, but in fact, you do not drive a tank!!!

Oh, nearly forgot: You also don’t have to break every single time just because you hit a corner. I am sure you foot is not glued to the pedal, so just take if off for a few seconds (works wonders) The constant flashing of your break lights is like teasing a bull! And we don’t want that, right?!

Thanks for listening. Much appreciated!


New Level Of Stupidity

The other day at work. Please picture the following:

The task: Put a twin bed back together to a double bed and get it ready.

To do so, you would push the two beds back together, lock it at the bottom and also zip it in the middle to prevent it from sliding apart. Followed by bedding.

One girl who was assigned to the task, pushed the bed together, didn’t lock or zip it, put a double sheet on with the mattress topper half way out at the end. She then takes a double duvet cover and puts in a single (!!!) duvet, puts it on top of the bed, still with the mattress topper hanging out at the end to the floor. Pillows on top.

I don’t know how that is possible but ladies and gentlemen,

a new level of stupidity has been reached! Please, someone let it rain brains!!!