Mothers & Daughters

While I was eating my breakfast, contemplating whether I should go for a run with my stiff calf or not, I was watching my little daughter sitting opposite me.

She was playing all content with her little dolls. She does things like that for hours. Playing with her little toy dolls, drawing and creating things.

I was not like that when I was little. Yes, I would always ask for things like Barbies and pencils and so on and when I received them I also used the things. For a bit! No matter the item I pretty much lost interest very soon. As in hours! Which annoyed my parents as they didn’t want to waste money on me.

My children have no problem to play with each other all day long or play separately on their own. I on the other hand had a 6 years younger sister which had no use to me and playing on my own? It felt like a slow painful death!

I find it amazing when you think about your children and see how different they are to yourself or exactly like you: My older daughter is exactly like me! The attitude, the look, the mind. THE MIND! That is the only thing which keeps me from strangling her as she is the daily reminder of what I was like when I was her age. Ommmmmmmm.

When I think about my mother and me…. I still wonder to this day if I am really her biological child! Where I always wanted to live with my grandma and couldn’t wait until I was able to move out my children actually love it at home. They even tell me they love me, so all in all I am not doing too bad.


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