Why Do You Use A Shopping List?!

When I do a bigger shopping I usually drive over to Stirling or Alloa as our little town, or “village” as I call it, has only a Co-op and Tesco Express. And since corona, stock is low and prices high as usual (both shops). So to make sure I get everything my belly craves, the bigger town(s) it is.

Yesterday I found myself in Aldi. Of course I keep my distance, my hands and trolley are sanitised. I am prepared, my shopping list in hand. I know what I need and so I queue near the meat isle. A lady is right at the front. I wait….and wait….and others start to wait as well as she also blocked the isle by standing right in the middle, staring at the meat-


Woman?!? You have the list in your hand! What possesses you to stand there, staring a hole in she shelve? I don’t understand! Did someone else write the list and you can’t read the handwriting? Have you forgotten to read all together? At least have the courtesy to let others pass!

I wonder: When you have a shopping list, what takes you so long?

All I wanted was to get my shopping done as swift as possible. In and out! But nooooo, there I stood, giving her the death stare, silently talking to myself, trying to convince myself that it is not and I repeat NOT, a good idea to run her over with my trolley, telling the judge later that is was an accident while actually thinking to myself that she had it coming and that it was karma!

Some people… no words.

But you will be happy to hear that I got my shopping done eventually and nobody, deserved or not, got hurt!

Stay save and happy wherever you are


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