What Is Earth Telling Us?

Most recently I read that some people believe, that we got/get hit by Covid-19 as result of overpopulation and all the damage we cause our nature. Many were outraged by the idea.

But come to think of it I must say, I somehow believe it too!

I believe the world wants us to know, that we have gone too far.

It starts with overpopulation in many parts of the world and ends with us polluting nature!

I read reports and have seen videos of nature recovering. I have seen pictures of mountains which usually are not visible due to smock, rivers getting so clear that you are able to see what is going on under water and even the sky looks brighter since there are so little flights at the moment.

I believe it was just a matter of time, until everything comes crushing down on us.

Bringing death to so many people, as harsh as it sounds, is earth’s way to fight overpopulation and restore itself.

We all want to survive and live a happy healthy life, but so does earth. And if earth is not healthy, how can we be healthy?

We shouldn’t and can’t go back to the life we used to know and smart people must see this.

I just hope that health minister and whoever else has power will make drastic changes happen.

Like no more plastic! There are alternatives out there! Or no cars once per month in cities like it was done back in the day. The list for changes is long and I know these things can’t happen all at once. But we have to start now and not when it gets even worse!

Just a thought.




One thought on “What Is Earth Telling Us?

  1. Fantastic read. I thoroughly agree, just like how we had time to prepare for this pandemic but did not act – we should, as a race, react with a strong sense of purpose and bring about a clean earth for our children and grandchildren to thrive in – while they are at it – perhaps ban nukes too ;-).

    Awesome post, to the dot.


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