I Love The Lock Down

Yes, I really, really do love the UK lock down!

I get to do all the things I am not able to do under normal circumstances.

I don’t have to rush to the shops for groceries after work, running on my last fumes.

I still wake up at 5:45am, sometimes I get up straight away, sometimes I stay in bed, check my emails, the weather and snoop around facebook.

I don’t need to time when I exercise as I have all morning.

I tidy up and even cook more than usual and I do the homework with my children.

I repainted my kitchen table as it was really chipped and didn’t look nice anymore. Now it is like new again.

I get to lay in my garden, soaking up the sun.

I get to watch Netflix and movies which I wanted to watch forever. Never mind my tv eyes!

I get to spend time with my children despite the fact that at some point they try to hide from me.

I get to go out for my runs. Though at the current moment I can’t as I pulled a muscle in my lower back doing weights. Instead I go for walks with the babies. One likes it, the other says it is/was his worst day ever!

I even did gardening with the help of my children! Yes, they complaint, but they did it anyway.

I already finished 4 books, almost 5!

There are so much things I can do now and I love it! I wished I don’t have to go back to work once the hotels are back open!

I don’t understand why some people complain! I use this time to recharge! Yes, it is really tempting to drive to, for example, to the beach. But hey ho, not allowed! And you know what? I couldn’t care less because it is for the greater good!

So instead of complaining, I just make the best of it.



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