UK Lock Down

Most people are whinging since they are on lock down. Yes, we all understand why we are to stay indoors, to prevent COVID-19 to spread and save our people!

I personally enjoy being at home! For quite some time I felt tired and wondered why I didn’t win the lottery, yet? Why do I have to keep on working? Why can’t I just move north? Why this? Why that? Why? Why? Why?

Well the answer is, since I haven’t won the lottery I just have to keep on working to keep my children alive and fed and pay the bills!

But now since I am at home, I can finally relax and breath. I keep on getting up at 5:45am every day. Okay, technically I turn off my Lumie light, jump up to close the windows in my bedroom and sneak back to bed for a bit longer. But I am still awake! I am contemplating whether to go for a run or  do weights- the weights have won today as I am determined to look like Schwarzenegger by summer time, ha ha ha….

I started to work out twice per day. Mornings are for runs or weights, afternoons is for yoga while watching Netflix. I do this since I do not move around as much as I would on a regular day.

Netflix! I get to binge watch everything that I haven’t seen yet. I couldn’t do that when I am out for work. Or even after work since I prefer to go to bed early instead of watching tv.

I also get to read my books I ordered a while ago and I re-filled my kindle as well. Finished one book already and started two more.

And I also tried to connect with more people on LinkedIn which I usually ignore.

My kitchen is tidy now, everything thrown out that was out of date, rearranged things and now trying to keep it as tidy as it can be when you are a household of 7!

We, as in the children and me, have been in the garden, digging out bushes I wanted to get rid of since we bought the house. Wildflower seeds are right in front of me, waiting to get in the soil.

My daughter repainted one of our walls as it was a bit scratched from our wooden shoe box.

Next I could tidy up the attic!

I get to listen to great blues, jazz and a bit of 80s all day long as loud as I want! There is nothing better in the world than music. Music is as important as running to me!

The children are either playing outside in the garden, in their room or in my living room on the playstation. At least I think it is one. I have no idea, I am not a game console girl! I got banned from my own room, currently sitting in my kitchen. Poor me!

There is always something to do and if I should really run out of ideas, well there’s always my good old friend Mr. Whiskey.

Stay save everyone!


One thought on “UK Lock Down

  1. I have to say I’m rather enjoying my time at home – I mean I don’t enjoy it if we all get fired soon but it’s a dynamic I’m enjoying. So I shall be making the most of it!

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