Month: April 2020

What Is Earth Telling Us?

Most recently I read that some people believe, that we got/get hit by Covid-19 as result of overpopulation and all the damage we cause our nature. Many were outraged by the idea.

But come to think of it I must say, I somehow believe it too!

I believe the world wants us to know, that we have gone too far.

It starts with overpopulation in many parts of the world and ends with us polluting nature!

I read reports and have seen videos of nature recovering. I have seen pictures of mountains which usually are not visible due to smock, rivers getting so clear that you are able to see what is going on under water and even the sky looks brighter since there are so little flights at the moment.

I believe it was just a matter of time, until everything comes crushing down on us.

Bringing death to so many people, as harsh as it sounds, is earth’s way to fight overpopulation and restore itself.

We all want to survive and live a happy healthy life, but so does earth. And if earth is not healthy, how can we be healthy?

We shouldn’t and can’t go back to the life we used to know and smart people must see this.

I just hope that health minister and whoever else has power will make drastic changes happen.

Like no more plastic! There are alternatives out there! Or no cars once per month in cities like it was done back in the day. The list for changes is long and I know these things can’t happen all at once. But we have to start now and not when it gets even worse!

Just a thought.




I Love The Lock Down

Yes, I really, really do love the UK lock down!

I get to do all the things I am not able to do under normal circumstances.

I don’t have to rush to the shops for groceries after work, running on my last fumes.

I still wake up at 5:45am, sometimes I get up straight away, sometimes I stay in bed, check my emails, the weather and snoop around facebook.

I don’t need to time when I exercise as I have all morning.

I tidy up and even cook more than usual and I do the homework with my children.

I repainted my kitchen table as it was really chipped and didn’t look nice anymore. Now it is like new again.

I get to lay in my garden, soaking up the sun.

I get to watch Netflix and movies which I wanted to watch forever. Never mind my tv eyes!

I get to spend time with my children despite the fact that at some point they try to hide from me.

I get to go out for my runs. Though at the current moment I can’t as I pulled a muscle in my lower back doing weights. Instead I go for walks with the babies. One likes it, the other says it is/was his worst day ever!

I even did gardening with the help of my children! Yes, they complaint, but they did it anyway.

I already finished 4 books, almost 5!

There are so much things I can do now and I love it! I wished I don’t have to go back to work once the hotels are back open!

I don’t understand why some people complain! I use this time to recharge! Yes, it is really tempting to drive to, for example, to the beach. But hey ho, not allowed! And you know what? I couldn’t care less because it is for the greater good!

So instead of complaining, I just make the best of it.



If God Really Exists

I was born, like all of us, naked. Later on I was baptised an evangelic. Later on I went to a two year “study course” all of us children in my little town had to do in order to receive our “confirmation”. I did it because that’s what all other children around me did. I could never relate to this religion. It always felt to me that with every rule there is a back door to side step specific rules. It just didn’t feel right.

13 or 14 years ago I became a catholic! My fathers family is catholic. I have seen how they live, what they believed in and how they treated each other and behaved with other individuals. So different from my family and from what I learned in “my church”. Or maybe it was just my perception.

Back then I felt I needed something to hold on to and God was the only one I thought would hear me and my pleads. I felt that rules and structure would make me focus and move on in life.

During the process of becoming a catholic I needed to attend weekly religious lessons with a nun for 6 month which I surprisingly enjoyed!

Once I asked her, why God let bad things happen. And she explained that it is not in Gods power, to stop bad things nor is it his fault bad things happen to (some of) us. That God created the human in his likeness and that we ourselves choose the path we take. We choose how to live our life and how we react in certain ways.

So I started to think to myself, were is the point in praying? Why talking to the All Mighty when he never answers in a way we can see? If he really answers that is! Why do we ask for help when all he does is listening to our desperate pleads without acting on it?

Giving us help and strength and faith and patience when some of us don’t know how to feed our children does not bring us any further if you ask me. Does God hear and see when women and children are getting abused? I wonder how it makes him feel? There are so many things that are wrong in this world…

But the most important thing (for me) is, that no religions should tell you how to live your life! Surely if there is a God, whatever his or her name is, will love us no matter what way we choose, right?!

I believe in everything that can’t be explained! I believe in the old Gods  from the Celts til the Norse Gods, I believe in Fairies and ghosts, I believe that on Samhain the dead come to spend the day with us remaining here on earth, but in God himself? I am not so sure anymore.

More and more I find it quite difficult to “believe” with so many unanswered questions. I just don’t seem to see the answers….


Women’s Business Clothes

Today I was reading one of my 5 gossip magazines. Yes, occasionally… okay let me rephrase that: Once per month I feel the need to buy a couple of magazines (Cosmopolitan is a monthly must-have) to read about gossip, get the latest info about exercise and gadgets and health and look at eye watering expansive clothes I probably never be able to afford!

There you go!

So back to what I wanted to write about in the first place:

In “Grazia” was an Artikel about women’s business clothes from a lady which name I can’t remember. She is high in finance business but her wardrobe….. well…. how to put it to not offend the good lady which I reckon is in her late 40s…. hmmmm…..

Dull? Boring? Frumpy? Probably all together!

Okay, she works in finance and you should look the part, but the way she wore the clothes made her at least 10 years older. I found it boring and am sure I am not the only one.

What would I give to see her in a Fred Perry dress, ha ha ha. Or in this beautiful pink long floaty Me&Em dress (I am waiting desperately for a reduction as I don’t want to cough up £350,- but it is so so pretty, you look like a big yummy candy).

No really! I think if we wouldn’t take us all so serious, even in such a demanding job, we would be more open minded when it comes to appearance.

There, said it all.


We Haven’t Even Met

I can barely catch my breath
Feeling your hands all over my body 
Scorching me
Leaving me wanting more
Without knowing it
You give into me 
Your resistance melts away 
And your reckless mouth can’t get enough of my lips
Holding onto you is letting go of sorrow
We haven’t even met 

Being High Maintenance

Recently I came across a blog where the person found it offensive to be called

“High Maintenance”.

I freely admit that I am a high maintenance sort of woman. And why not? There is nothing wrong with that, if you ask me.

When you google high maintenance it will show you the following:

A high maintenance person will require a lot of attention, time, money and/or effort!

Of course a person like me requires a lot attention. The key here is the right kind of attention in a specific time frame. If I call you, and you must be special in order for me to do so, pick up- after the first ring, please! When I am about to meet you, do yourself a favour, hang on to your life and be on time!!! When I want to go for a run, do join me, it will be fun- at least for me and that is the most important thing, right?!

And yes, I do invest in my body first. I like to look nice! And you like it when I do, right?

I shave, plug, trim, exfoliate and pamper myself with the best tools and ingredients on the market. Why? Because I can! Because I want to!

And if you want to brighten my day, show up with a single flower (I prefer sunflowers), a bottle of whiskey and polished shoes. Thank you very much and yes, that is necessary!

You might not be able to give what I desire? “Heck, where there’s a way, there’s a will”, she says, pouting.

You want to stay in my life long-term? Darling the answer is as easy as breathing:

All I want for you is to reach for the brightest star on a clear night and serve it to me on a silver plate! I won’t settle for less! And once I got that star, there is no stopping me- I always aim for more. Of course I do!

What you get in return?!?

The best wicked person I can possibly be! Friend or foe- you will love me!


UK Lock Down

Most people are whinging since they are on lock down. Yes, we all understand why we are to stay indoors, to prevent COVID-19 to spread and save our people!

I personally enjoy being at home! For quite some time I felt tired and wondered why I didn’t win the lottery, yet? Why do I have to keep on working? Why can’t I just move north? Why this? Why that? Why? Why? Why?

Well the answer is, since I haven’t won the lottery I just have to keep on working to keep my children alive and fed and pay the bills!

But now since I am at home, I can finally relax and breath. I keep on getting up at 5:45am every day. Okay, technically I turn off my Lumie light, jump up to close the windows in my bedroom and sneak back to bed for a bit longer. But I am still awake! I am contemplating whether to go for a run or  do weights- the weights have won today as I am determined to look like Schwarzenegger by summer time, ha ha ha….

I started to work out twice per day. Mornings are for runs or weights, afternoons is for yoga while watching Netflix. I do this since I do not move around as much as I would on a regular day.

Netflix! I get to binge watch everything that I haven’t seen yet. I couldn’t do that when I am out for work. Or even after work since I prefer to go to bed early instead of watching tv.

I also get to read my books I ordered a while ago and I re-filled my kindle as well. Finished one book already and started two more.

And I also tried to connect with more people on LinkedIn which I usually ignore.

My kitchen is tidy now, everything thrown out that was out of date, rearranged things and now trying to keep it as tidy as it can be when you are a household of 7!

We, as in the children and me, have been in the garden, digging out bushes I wanted to get rid of since we bought the house. Wildflower seeds are right in front of me, waiting to get in the soil.

My daughter repainted one of our walls as it was a bit scratched from our wooden shoe box.

Next I could tidy up the attic!

I get to listen to great blues, jazz and a bit of 80s all day long as loud as I want! There is nothing better in the world than music. Music is as important as running to me!

The children are either playing outside in the garden, in their room or in my living room on the playstation. At least I think it is one. I have no idea, I am not a game console girl! I got banned from my own room, currently sitting in my kitchen. Poor me!

There is always something to do and if I should really run out of ideas, well there’s always my good old friend Mr. Whiskey.

Stay save everyone!