My Cat The Piss-Head

My siamese cat Belle is driving me mental!

Whenever she is in heat, she starts to pee.

So when we start recognising the typical signs, we keep our bedroom doors shut, as she loves to pee on our beds during this period. Don’t ask me why! She doesn’t pee anywhere but the litter tray when she is not in heat.

I don’t know how much longer I can do this:

A week ago she peed right inside my fire place! MY FIREPLACE!!! A day later she didn’t even bother to bent down, she just peed while standing with her furry ass pressed on my fire place!

I mean, really?! What the heck??? I really, really scrubbed the whole lot (okay, my son did) and even lit a fire to get rid of the stench, but Miss High And Mighty still detected something that made her do it again.

For weeks we try to get her pregnant and I don’t know if it is her or our boy. I do understand, this can’t go on forever. I will go mental and it is also not good for kitties health not to mention the amounts of time I have to scrub and wash everything…

Poor thing! Poor Me!!!


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