Early mornings

Since two or three weeks now I am getting up at the same time every day! 7 days a week, 5:45am!

Better for body rhythm, according to scientific studies. And I must say, I feel much better getting up at the same. And I don’t even mind going to bed at around 8ish!

My morning starts with my Lumie clock waking me up, I check my emails and the weather, get up and either do weights or go for a run. For my run I have to be out by 6, so I don’t feel rushed and can run a longer distance.

But sometimes I also just cook the lunch for the day(s), tidy up, do the laundry and get ready for work all combined with loud music from the kitchen because 1: I love loud good music, 2: when I am awake, everyone is awake!

I am a morning person and it feels nice when everything is done and dusted before you go to work, do the school run or just want to keep the sofa company for the rest of the day!


One thought on “Early mornings

  1. I concur, I have begun an early morning routine – though I do try to sleep in until 0730 on SUndays…but it makes a huge difference, ones thining is sharper, you have more of the day available, you feel like you have achieved and don’t stress too much when you have a lot to do…more time with your wife and children…yes, early morning routines are a definitive change for the good..! Great post.


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