The hatred of professional cat breeders

Recently I was really taken aback from the hatred of some professional cat breeders when I have thrown a question into a Siamese forum on Facebook.

I had a question about cats on heat and mating and the backlash was so bad, I left the group!

Without question me, words like “backyard breeder” and “no clue about anything” or “get your cats neutered!!!”, “they end up in shelters” where thrown right into my face.

To explain: I do have a siamese couple and I would like them to have kittens, once maybe twice maximum before I get them neutered. In the first place to keep one of the babies for myself.

I joined the group to exchange thoughts and help each other but I did not expect people to be so rude and I wonder:

Why? Do only professional breeders think, they have the right to breed because they register their cats?!

Or do they feel threaded because non registered cats sell cheaper and professional breeders might not have a good chance to make as much money?

I am not a thoughtless person, you know?

Of course I read a lot about kitten birth, what and what not to do…. aftercare etc, complications…

Of course I get them health checked, wormed and fully vaccinated! The kittens will be surrounded by family members and toilet trained and once weened off on raw food like their parents.

And most importantly I will have a proper look and check on the people who want them, like, can they afford them, do they know anything about Siamese and so on.

It is truly sad that there are still people out there who are so judgemental…


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