When you order gluten free….

Those with a gluten intolerance will always be wary when eating out, especially eating out somewhere new! ESPECIALLY when it tastes suspiciously good.

Like me!

On our way back home from Loch Ness we stopped at a fish & chips shop in                   Fort Augustus!

Hubby said to wait in the car and I told him in case they do gluten free, I’d like fish&chips as well, please.

While I was waiting in the car (the babies where asleep), he phoned up to tell me, yes, they could do some for me….

Happy me, though at the back of my head I wondered why they “could do some for me”…. if you offer it on the menu it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

So husband returned and I savoured the tasty portion.

Approximately 3 hours later, IT started…. the rumbling of the belly…. the sweats…. the nauseates… followed by…. you know what, right? The run to the toilet which was accompanied with “aua, aua, aua, belly aches, belly aches, belly aches….” over and over again-

FOR TWO DAYS!!! Though the good thing is, when you keep on sh*tting your guts out, your belly looks nice and flat…. just kidding… not worth the pain!

Smart arse husband said, I probably just have a tummy bug, but let me tell you:

Having a tummy bug and dealing with the consequences of an intolerance…. there is a BIG difference, the pain much much higher than just having a BUG!

If you don’t serve gluten free, than just say so! And if you do, make sure to fulfil the requirements:

Have you washed your hands, changed your apron, used a separate fryer…..???

Not nice, Mr or whoever served the goods…

NOT impressed


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